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What are your favourite forums? other
In what circumstances can the British government ban someone from leaving the country? society
What Instagram models do you think are a 10? lifestyle
What are examples of political correctness gone mad? society
What are some good red pill social networks? technology
Are government reported unemployment statistics real? society
What are stereotypes of cobbers? society
What is fractional reserve banking? society
What would you choose? & Why? 1.Power 2. Fame 3.Money. life
What are your favourite blogs? other
Where do you get your news? society
What is figurative language? other
Why do you hate western culture? society
What is something you hate? life
Who is your favourite cartoon character? media
Do you love walking? With whom? life
Which type of people you really love to talk with? psychology
What is the applicable triad of intelligence? philosophy
Why are you a feminist? society
Why are you against feminism? society
Who are the elearning developers? technology
In laymans terms, how does Bitcoin work? technology
Who is the owner of this website? technology
What celebrities do you consider a 10? lifestyle
What is the difference between a liberal and a conservative? society
What principles for treating people, do you hold strongly? life
What are your priorities in relationships? life
What methods do people use to hack routers? technology
What are the different types of intelligence? philosophy
Why are some people submissive? psychology
What scams can someone do with just a person's name, their address, bank name and phone number? psychology
Can Cloudflare's cfduid cookie be used to deanonymise the user behind a VPN via traffic analysis? technology
How do I recover files from my hard drive? technology
Do you ever wonder what people really want from you? life
Is it worth changing yourself because of another person? life
Does this happen to you sometimes when you see light? life
What stupid reasons have people stopped talking to you for? life
What evidence is there that girls are hypergamous? society
What are the best philosophy articles on wikipedia? philosophy
What naughty things did kids do when you were in school? life
Which tools are do you use to design? creativity
Is it true that most council housing has gone to immigrants? society
What's the difference between shoutcast and icecast? technology
Which countries have banned guns? society
Is there any country in the world where people don't act western? society
Are there any possible environmental causes for the dramatic increase in the rate of autism over the last 50 years? science
Where can I get free legal advice in the UK? society
How can gamification be applied to everyday life? society
Who created the universe and why does it exist? science
Which companies and people do you boycott, and why? lifestyle
What does fruit juice taste like with the sugar extracted out of it? lifestyle
What do feminists have instead of porn? lifestyle
What is the red pill? society
What was the original purpose of apple-style-span? technology
Is "listening" contributing in a conversation, if the person is not talkative? psychology
Why don't songwriters get paid royalties for radio play, streaming and live shows? creativity
What are you banned from on the internet, and why? life
What evidence is there to back up Roosh V's article, "The End Game of Feminism"? society
Why do people leave their country, to go to another country to join ISIS? psychology
Why do people make hate crime hoaxes? psychology
Can a person be too eccentric? psychology
What words would you add to the dictionary? other
What's the difference between a bohemian and a hippie? society
Why do some people take over 10 years to report being raped? psychology
Is women's sexuality restricted in society, and how? society
Is quietness in a one to one conversation, most of the time, due to lack of knowing what to say, rather than disinterest? society
What makes a supermodel different to a model? lifestyle
Who will be around to do all the real jobs, once the rich buy so much property that regular people can't afford to live there any more? society
What plugins are essential for every wordpress website? technology
When a foreign investor buys a house in order to develop it, do gentrification and make the rent more expensive, what type of person ends up renting the house? society
What are some good examples of cultural marxism in anglocentric, western countries? society
When a book is a bestseller, is that a fancy way of saying that the author makes a living off their writing? creativity
Despite our increasing gender equality, is the bond between men and women getting better or worsening, as time goes on? society
Do humans have free will? philosophy
Who is the REAL producer of the Tiesto album A Town Called Paradise? creativity
Has the removal of sexist adverts in advertising, given women more privilege in society, or do they have the same amount of privileges they had when they were given equal rights? society
How did .com become the de facto domain name extension, if .com means commercial and .net is more generic? technology
Is Islamic finance/banking in accordance to Shariah law or just a cover for conventional banking? society
Do women find it easier to give rejection than men, considering that women reject people more often? society
What is cultural marxism? society
What are some socially acceptable addictions? society
Who do you think are the best music producers and why? creativity
If bananas can't reproduce without human assistance, how did they exist long before humans knew about them? science
Why isn't Microsoft Publisher considered a proper desktop publishing software? technology
Why don't wild mammals get tooth decay and their teeth falling out if they don't brush their teeth, but humans do? Have we done selective breeding on ourselves hundreds of years ago caused by us brushing our teeth, so the genes for self cleaning teeth have died out? society
How do I mute my Casio A168 watch? other
Why do some people get offended every time I generalise? psychology
If a member of the alt-right is operating within the law, and is not using racial slurs, what is the problem? society
When did political correctness culture start and how? society
What problems have you solved just by restarting your computer? technology
What's the point of driving if it's more expensive than public transport? society
Do males hold power in social situations? society
Is it true that if you don't have a birth certificate, you are not subject to the government's laws? society
What distinguishes Young Adult books from adult books? creativity
What is the unique McDonalds smell made of? lifestyle
What gives KFC chicken its unique taste and texture? science
What opinions have you changed your mind on? philosophy
Who gave North Korea the technology to have nuclear weapons and why? society
When you look at photos of a person and they look completely different in them, does the same happen to animals? When animals look at each other, do they think, wow this animal looks completely different today? philosophy
How is it possible that 102 million americans are unemployed, if unemployment benefits there only last 14 weeks? Shouldn't 102 million americans have starved to death or be homeless? society
How did Milo Yiannopoulos get so popular? life

Pagination is coming soon
What's an assertion, and what should I type in?

Compesh is a question and answer (and debate) website, so before you make a debate, you better learn what an assertion is. I suppose you already know what a question is, and that you've typed it in the box. ;)

An assertion, is basically a statement you can make, that is either true or false.

Richer people have better health.

The question for that would be, Do richer people have better health?

And don't forget to make your assertion, match your question.

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