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Terms of service « All About Compesh
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How Compesh uses your content

You retain the copyright of all content that you post, but you provide Compesh with an irrevocable blanket license to use your content how we see fit for any length for any reason.

There is no way for you to delete your account or any content you post, and the ability for you to do is unplanned. You can edit your content if you are not banned. You cannot edit or delete your content if you get banned. If you no longer want to receive email notifications, edit your settings and edit your profile description to say you are no longer using Compesh.

Compesh has the right to share your spam content and personally identifiable information to a spammer blacklist if you are permanently banned for spamming. This content will not be made public by the spammer blacklist.

Compesh is a freedom of speech website, so you won't be banned for being politically incorrect.

Compesh moderators reserve the right to edit the spelling, grammar and taxonomy of your content to make the website easier to read and better organised. Compesh moderators also reserve the right to edit your profile description the tags in your profile to keep users better organised. Don't worry. You will be notified when your content has been edited or deleted by a moderator, with the changelog of what the content looked like before, so you can backup the old version.

How Compesh uses data about you

Your visitor habits, location and demographic will be logged, in order for us to increase our website traffic, increase conversions and for combating fraud and spam. Personally identifiable information is stored, but your real world identity is not. However your real world identity can be revealed in the case of a subpoena. Compesh has to keep this information to fund the website and prevent spam from appearing on the website.

Compesh allows you to like and dislike comments made on debates, questions, articles. groups and reputation as well as subscribe to debates, questions, groups and article comments. Your likes, dislikes and subscriptions are not made public for other people to access, so you should not feel silenced into being too fearful to like or dislike a piece of content, or silenced into not subscribing to a thread.

Positive reputation you give to others users will be publicly attributed to your username. You are only allowed to give positive reputation to people, not negative, as this is a place free of passive aggressiveness.

We do not share your information except for sharing our website analytics with potential advertisers and sharing your details and content to a spammer blacklist. You will not be identifiable in the process. Compesh has to do this to attract advertisers and prevent spam, so the website can continue to exist.

Be aware that Facebook widgets, Twitter widgets, W3Counter, Statcounter and Mixpanel are used on this website which collect data about website usage, so check out their privacy policy.

Your responsibilites

We MAY warn or temporarily ban or permanently ban people who do things we do not tolerate, such as...

---> vandalism
---> publicly sharing private messages with usernames or other personally identifiable information present
---> sending unsolicited sexual images through private messages (ie. dick pics) (anyone who does this will receive a PERMANENT ban) (Compesh has the ability to ban Tor users, Proxy users and VPN users from using the website, but it's a balancing act to weigh up the need to be anonymous and the need to prevent abuse of our services. If people use anonymising tools to send unsolicited sexual images via private messages, Compesh will be FORCED to ban Tor, proxies and VPN from using our services.)
---> shaming language ("You're just bitter." "Who hurt you?")
---> negging (manipulating someone by insulting them in order to reduce their self esteem or break them down into a position of subservience - so you are above them)
---> guilt tripping ("I suppose nobody here cares about me." "If you cared about me you would X")
---> advocating for censorship (use the report feature to report content you don't like)
---> posting shitty no value posts in an attempt to get people to look at your profile and click hyperlinks in your profile
--> comments that consist solely of agreements ("+1" "this!" "^")
---> attempting to get extra votes or attention by stating your gender in situations where gender is irrelevant (I'm a woman, and I think that...)
---> doxxing (posting someone's contact details)
---> answering a question or debate which has the same exact arguments as someone else's answer with no other arguments provided
---> username squatting (any usernames deemed to be used for squatting, can be given to a user who really wants that username)
---> asking for votes (this also includes asking for reputation)
---> voting manipulation (this includes using bots to make votes and using voting rings)
---> flooding (posting the same topic repeatedly over and over again)
---> low quality posts (you will receive a warning first)
---> impersonation (do not impersonate other compesh users)
---> ban evasion
---> textspeak (dat meanz n0 tlkin lyk dis)
---> threats (blackmail also counts as a threat)
---> inciting that other people commit physical violence
---> warez linking (warez is pirated content)
---> warez hosting
---> spam (posting advertisements of something you are affiliated with)
---> voting spam (upvoting hundreds of people's content for the sole reason of getting them to follow you back)
---> follow spam (following hundreds of people for the sole reason of hoping they follow you back)
---> tag spam (tagging things with tags that don't match the content being tagged)

Do not threaten the greater structure of the community.

Be succinct, not verbose.

If you make a claim about society that poses as factual, back it up with evidence. Remember that not everyone knows the same things as you so you have to back up your assertions with evidence, otherwise anyone could claim anything and pass it off as true to naive, ignorant or gullible people.

Do not downvote a debate or question response without replying to it with why you think it is wrong. If a reply matches what you were already going to say you don't need to reply. If you are downvoted to oblivion without any replies telling you what is wrong, email Compesh to have the downvotes removed.

You are discouraged from discussing illegal activities you have done or will do, as it could get Compesh in potential trouble or liability. If you do this, proceed with caution.

Regarding the subjective dilemma of what is an insult and what is not, Compesh has a clear policy. Expressing contempt for one another is allowed, but disdain is not. This means that you're free to express your disgust at someone, but you cannot communicate to someone in a way that suggests you're no longer on speaking terms.

When you disagree with someone, try to disagree with each other nicely rather than to exchange insults, passive aggressiveness, and condescending language at each other.

Compesh is a family friendly website. No nudity or graphic violence is allowed. If you wish to post a link to such content, mark it as NSFW (not safe for work).

Do not downvote comments for merely disagreeing with someone who has expressed a valid point. Being offended by someone's opinion doesn't make it a wrong opinion. Having a different preference to someone else, doesn't make your preference any better than someone else's preference. Disliking someone's comments in succession (this includes removing likes) just because you've disagreed with them in an argument, doesn't make you any more right. If people abuse the downvote feature by downvoting for bigoted and spiteful reasons in a way that discourages people from expressing their honest opinions, Compesh will be FORCED to switch from displaying the number of upvotes and downvotes underneath a comment, and instead show the popularity and quality percentage underneath comments instead.

Refund policy

There are no refunds for Compesh Premium and advertising.
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What's an assertion, and what should I type in?

Compesh is a question and answer (and debate) website, so before you make a debate, you better learn what an assertion is. I suppose you already know what a question is, and that you've typed it in the box. ;)

An assertion, is basically a statement you can make, that is either true or false.

Richer people have better health.

The question for that would be, Do richer people have better health?

And don't forget to make your assertion, match your question.