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Is there an inoffensive way to tell the company's full-time gender-warrior to give it a rest?

She's the feminist version of sixties Marxists. You know, the ones who couldn't stop prattling on about the exploitation of the proletariat by the capitalists and bourgeoisie class, if their lives depended on it. She really has the feminist version of Marxist cant down pat. Everything revolves around real or imagined sexist slights with this woman. Most of them are imagined. It's a corporate environment after all. Many of us have come to avoid her like plague since every interaction is likely to devolve into a finger-waving lecture on misogyny and how men must change to conform to feminist ideals.

I rarely interact with her anymore since being transferred but still pass her regularly as she's delivering a harangue to some poor newbie. HR refuses to do anything from fear of a lawsuit by her. Meanwhile 480 other people are expected to quietly put up with this abuse.
tynamite's avatar I don't think that any of us can sufficently answer this question, as you only have your side of the story. I'm sure the woman could provide a completely unique view of things, and because we're not the observer of the situation, I don't think we can completely gather everything we need to, as I'm sure that there's a part of this situation that we don't see.

What I can say is that she probrably has a bad experience with men, and I'm not talking about relationships. I am sure that she is stereotyped and oppressed in implicit and covert ways, that men would not notice actually happens to her. Also when people don't like something or someone, they tend to only remember the bad and only forget the good, so maybe your kind intentions towards her are going unnoticed. I'm not going to be the one to condemn you or her, on this, as I can't side with you, without knowing her side of things.

I believe there has been a time where she has been herself, without going on about feminism, where she has been oppressed, so I don't think she feels she can ever be free because of that. I will now quote an answer I wrote from this website, which might help you know how she might possibly feel.

I've just heard some woman I know say this this morning after something that happened.

I hate how if I'm offended by something a guy said, I'm "overreacting", but if a man gets offended by me, they have every right to
The same thing can't really be said for men. I can't imagine men being chastised for acting like a man, to the same extent that women are chastised for acting like women. In fact I can't recall any such thing at all.

People say that men face sexism for being expected to act like men, but
when they do act like one, they're not chastised for it - like women are
for acting like how they're supposed to act like women.

When she said that, I had a long think. If that's just one aspect of sexism women face for behaving how women are supposed to behave - sensitive - what other sexism do women face for acting about how they're supposed to, let alone trying to branch out to new things. I had a long think about this. I never thought about sexism in that way before.

What you can do to help

Treating the woman equally should help, but most importantly, it will be benefitial to you and her if you ask her questions and what she feels in the moment of day to day life often, instead of always hearing the fallout of what she rages about after the fact.
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