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Who is your favourite cartoon character?
tynamite's avatar The way cartoons are going nowadays, none. If I had to pick a favourite cartoon character it would be Naz from Ed Edd n Eddy and Wayne from The Cramp Twins, my favourite cartoons for kids.

I don't have a favourite cartoon character because cartoon characters are SHALLOW characters. This means that their behaviour is not consistently matching up with their personality, instead that the character does what the writer wants them to do while going against their personality in the process.

I'll give you examples.

There's an episode of the simpsons where Homer drives out of Springfield to a different state in order to find his kids over a paranoid suspicion that had no basis, just to make sure they were safe. There's another episode where Homer buys a gun with no safety, parades it around in the house, doesn't store it somewhere safe but out in the open, and plays games with it that involves damage to property and could get someone seriously injured.

There's an episode of Bojack Horseman where Bojack is an apathetic melancholy defeatist person. There is another episode where is an empathetic upbeat motivated person.

Characters in cartoons nowadays are not authentic characters. They are shallow characters. There is no depth to them. They chop and change back and forth on an arbritary whim when the writer (or multiple writers) want them to.

In the olden days tv was designed to be thought provoking, to make you think in a days when there was no broadband so there was no youtube, no netflix, no itunes, no spotify, no online gaming, no social media, no smartphones. I don't watch 99% of cartoons as they are made for the social media "twitter" generation. Now tv is designed for people with short attention spans to give them sensationalism like The Sun instead of investigative journalism like The Guardian.

So tv nowadays has "amateur dramatics", "shock value", and they are farfetched. They no longer have the things I value in books, movies and tv, have the butterfly effect, wit, offbeat events, realism and mundane yet peculiar happenings going on.

I like the "urban life" genre for people with long attention spans that is thought provoking, not the "high octane" genre for short attention spans.

The Simpsons and South Park USED to be good. Now they are rubbish (or maybe it is good but I just don't like that style of drama). Go and watch the 90s episodes of The Simpsons and South Park to see what tv was like in the olden days, and then watch the trash they are coming out with now, and you'll see that the quality of what constitutes as "drama" on tv is declining. TV is shit nowadays

Even tv for toddlers and teenyboppers that was made in the 90s or before I was born is 100x MUCH better than the trash they are putting out on tv for people older than them, even adults. TV is shit nowadays. Watch the videos below and see for yourself.

This TV show for toddlers is 100x better than tv shows for adults and kids older than them nowadays

TV shows for teenyboppers

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