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How do I recover files from my hard drive?

For people who have accidentally deleted a file or have a corrupt hard drive?
tynamite's avatar If Windows is corrupt you can boot Linux on your computer to get your files and copy them to an external hard drive. You burn Linux on a CD or put it on a hard drive. Do not burn the .iso file on a CD or hard drive. An .iso is an archive file like zip and rar. You want to burn the contents of the .iso file on a CD.

If you accidentally deleted a file off your computer, the first thing you should do is run File Scavenger, GetDataBack and Active File Recovery on your computer. The software costs money. It is the best file recovery software in the world for accidentally deleted files. Do not do anything on Windows before running this software or Windows might overwrite the deleted file.

If your hard drive is corrupt then you can boot Heron Boot CD for free. It contains lots of free troubleshooting software. You burn it onto a blank CD. If you dont have a CD you can run it on an empty hard drive. If your computer doesn't boot it, change the startup settings in your BIOS.

There's a software on the CD that is a special type of Linux that is designed to recover data off broken hard drives. You load up the Linux (There are lots of Linux distributions. Don't use Google. Choose the correct Linux off the CD)

Once you've opened the Linux Distro (short for distribution) ( I don't know what the Linux Distro is called) in the Applications menu is a software for copying files. It is not Nautilus. It is not the default file manager. It's a software designed for copying files off broken hard drives. Plug in an external drive into your computer then copy every file from your broken hard drive to your working external hard drive. (I recommend the Buffalo brand) My brother's hard drive in his computer was faulty and Windows wouldn't allow him to access certain files. He did the instruction here in the software in the certain Linux and he recovered every file.
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