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Why Siddharth Mehta Former Director of IL&FS is so optimistic about India’s Digital transformation?

Siddharth Mehta, IL&FS Former Director, and Bay Capital Founder has indicated that India's digital revolution is just beginning and that the internet economy might increase 10 times in 10 years (to more than $800 billion), resulting in huge shareholder wealth for many major enterprises. The Indian economy and financial markets will look significantly different in 2030 than they do now.

The digital ecosystem has grown to the point that many segments have consolidated and obvious leaders have emerged. The nature of the digital economy demands that consumers will gravitate toward fewer platforms throughout the world. As a result, leading firms will have a far higher percentage of traffic, revenue, and profit! Many significant digital consumer technology businesses are now profitable on an EBITDA basis, and PAT profits appear to be on the way.

Due to their growth and profitability profiles, a number of these franchises expect to list in the next 12-24 months and will be highly sought by public market investors. Technology has advanced dramatically in the previous 20 years, and digital has become an integral part of our everyday life. Consumer knowledge and reliance on the internet are growing by the day, resulting in a quick drop in customer acquisition costs and an increase in the total Life Time Value of the customer for digital firms. This has had a significant influence on the investing community as a whole. His key philosophy is to focus on investment possibilities in India's internet/digital ecosystem as a result of the digital revolution.

Mr. Siddharth Mehta also remarked that many exceptional organizations that have built enormous sizes and are seeing their paths to profitability expedited. Businesses that are tackling distinctively Indian challenges in uniquely Indian ways, as well as those that are targeting India's next billion internet users, are of great interest to us. Pandemic accelerates the digital transformation of India and it has a huge influence on the market. India has put down the digital infrastructure pipelines over the last decade, to the point that digital activity is now part of the daily lives of over half of the population, allowing India to overcome the hurdles faced by its weak physical infrastructure.

Everything in India is increasingly digitally-led, including bank accounts, KYC, everyday transactions, government services, education services, and even COVID vaccines. To put things in context, India will have the biggest amount of real-time payment transactions in 2020, with over 25 billion.

China came in second with almost 16 billion transactions in 2020! In such a scenario, India may be considered to be on its way to becoming the world's largest digital business hub in less than two decades. COVID-19 is also critical in assisting India in implementing digitalization initiatives. It has functioned as a catalyst for the digital economy's acceptance.

Digital activity has become incredibly vital and relevant in every area and company element since it is the sole method for customers to obtain products and services and for businesses to function. Several investors' initiatives toward digital activities, such as Siddharth Mehta IL&FS Former Director, will drastically alter the entire situation of digital transformation in the company in the next 3-5 years.
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