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What is cultural marxism?
tynamite's avatar Cultural marxism means that cultural identity and cultural institutions are oppression and that those who create civilisation should trade places with those that don't, just like under communism there is a "class war" with the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, There Is A Class War With Those Who Create Society And Those Who Are Subject To It. It takes the philosophy of Karl Marx, the inventor of communism, from economic terms into social terms.

Cultural marxism puts people on an "oppression scale", and the more perceived privilege you have, the lower you are on the scale, so a muslim would be higher on the oppression scale than a christian, a female would be higher than a male. Whoever is higher on the oppression scale gets special privileges, and agency, that people below do not get. For example, a christian bakery cannot refuse to bake a cake for a homosexual based on their religious beliefs, but a muslim can refuse to scan a barcode of bacon and put it in someone's bag at a supermarket.

As white people and males have created 90% of civilisation, there is a global conspiracy to usurp whites and males and remove them of their collective power, even though most of them don't have any individual power.


I can give four examples of this.

The abolishment of marriage

In western countries the divorce rate is 50% and most people don't get married. An increasing amount of children are born outside of marriage. In the past it was taboo to have sex outside of marriage. Not any more. As marriage is an institution, cultural marxism aims to abolish it. Karl Marx wrote in his book that the nuclear family (a husband and wife living in the same house as their kids) and marriage was oppressive.

Mass immigration of people from the third world being forced upon only white countries

As white people are responsible for creating civilisation, there is a global conspiracy to rid them of this collective power, even if that means harming or demeaning the white people who have no power - so remove all power basically. Mass immigration is designed to make white people a minority in their own country. You can go to a school in the west and see that most people in the classes are not white. In London most the people who live there are not white. It's ethnic cleansing or white genocide.

Pushing that gender is a social construct

As masculinity and femininity are cultural identities, cultural marxists aim to abolish it. They want men to act feminine are women to act masculine so we can't tell who is masculine or feminine any more. They teach LIES in schools and universities that gender is a social construct. In the UK adverts that depict gender stereotypes will be made illegal from 2018. BBC News published an article saying that boys in schools are adopting female speech patterns.

Affirmative action

Affirmative action puts quotas on university places and jobs in companies, so that if people apply for a job, and the male or white person is better qualified, the woman or coloured person will be more likely to get the job as the quotas (which are most likely enforced by the government) allows the company or university to "positively discriminate" for women and coloured people. It is all about making sure that white people and men are pushed out of good jobs and good universities. Affirmative action has caused so many problems, that a dark skinned indian man, pretended to be black in order to get into university. People shouldn't have to LIE about their ethnicity or race, in order to have a better future.


What is the purpose of cultural marxism

The purpose of cultural marxism is to bring in communism. Karl Marx predicted that capitalism would collapse due to increasing wealth inequality. However when the west fought two world wars and people died in their millions, people after the war still pleged their alliance and loyalty to the state. A group of people decided that in order to implement communism, there must first be a cultural revoltution, so if they destroy the culture first, it will be more supseptible to being changed to a communist one.

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