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What would a government run by Quora look like?
tynamite's avatar I've learnt today that on Quora, that not only are there crazy people on the internet, but that there are also people with behavioural disorders. These include paranoid personality disorder, and reactive attachment disorder. People who have those disorders are the sort of people who you wouldn't suspect had a personality disorder, unless you knew what the symptoms were, as they are likeable and kind towards others. Yet as they build up a brick wall to make themselves hard to talk to, their lack of self-esteem, high insecurity, and insecure attachment shines.

The problem with people on Quora who have behavioural disorders, is that it defies their ability to objectively judge others. Too much emotion, not enough rationalising. Too much reasoning, not enough logic. Many people who use Quora, use it as escapism, to escape from the harsh cold and lonely isolating reality they face, in an attempt to convince themselves that they can gain the regard they so seek off a website.

When you have people with behavioural disorders, or people who use Quora as escapism, have the ability to run a government or Quora, unjust systems will fall into place as those people use Quora in their desperate attempt to fix the world, as if it was a micro-society.

If I ran Quora or the government, you have a pretty good idea of how I would run it like. It would be a fair libertarian government. I would increase social mobility and decrease perpetual accelerating growth that is rapidly declining the value of money. I would increase rehabilitation programs and void capital punishment if that existed. I also would scrap council tax aka breathing tax for the unemployed.

If someone else on Quora managed to run the government, I will bet any money that they would use their new found power to wield their own twisted ideas onto the public, to take out their problems with the world, and enforce policies to get their own back on everyone who had ever hurt them in the past.

Have a read of the symptoms of these 2 personality disorders, and have a think about anyone you know on Quora, who you think has any of these.

Reactive Attachment Disorder

(People who have trouble forming relationships because they can't trust anyone, and have trouble believing the integrity of the relationships that they have.)

The core feature is severely inappropriate social relating by affected children. (Adults can have it too, if they have been neglected/abused/unappreciated in their childhood.) This can manifest itself in two ways:

Indiscriminate and excessive attempts to receive comfort and affection from any available adult, even relative strangers (older children and adolescents may also aim attempts at peers)
Extreme reluctance to initiate or accept comfort and affection, even from familiar adults, especially when distressed
Paranoid Personality Disorder

(People who think that everyone is against them, don't feel accepted for their ideas/actions, who don't take critisism well.)

The World Health Organization's ICD-10 lists paranoid personality disorder as (F60.0) Paranoid personality disorder.[5]
It is characterized by at least three of the following:

excessive sensitivity to setbacks and rebuffs;
tendency to bear grudges persistently, i.e. refusal to forgive insults and injuries or slights;
suspiciousness and a pervasive tendency to distort experience by misconstruing the neutral or friendly actions of others as hostile or contemptuous;
a combative and tenacious sense of personal rights out of keeping with the actual situation;
recurrent suspicions, without justification, regarding sexual fidelity of spouse or sexual partner;
tendency to experience excessive self-importance, manifest in a persistent self-referential attitude;
preoccupation with unsubstantiated "conspiratorial" explanations of events both immediate to the patient and in the world at large.


expansive paranoid, fanatic, querulant and sensitive paranoid personality (disorder)


delusional disorder
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What's an assertion, and what should I type in?

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