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Who do you respect the most?
tynamite's avatar There is no "person" I respect the most because I don't watch face. I don't watch what this that music producer is doing, what this that writer is doing, what this that web developer is doing, what this that podcaster is doing. I just do my own thing. I don't look at what other people do and copy that.

There is no person I respect the most. I have met lots of different people in my life, some good, some bad, some intelligent, some stupid, some worldly, some naive. You take the good with the bad.

What I can say is that I love the way Richard Branson runs Virgin and how Jeff Bezos runs Amazon. I protected my intellectual property. I knew some prick web hosting company would get ALL of it and sell it off to Silicon Valley, China or Saudi Arabia, so I protected my intellectual property. I only use web hosting companies that protect your IP and don't sell it off.

I made my first website when I was 11 on Microsoft Word using free hosting and my first serious website at 16. My novels are self published because nobody wanted to publish me as my writing is experimental. I didn't fit into the Jacqueline Wilson, JK Rowling, Jeremy Strong, Twilight, rags to riches, child abuse, so I was forced to self publish as it was considered "too risky" for a publisher to publish me. They ALL said no.

Also because of this, my novels will NOT be an ebook, as I want to combat piracy and am a victim to IP theft. £25 is not a lot of money for 2 books and there's enough free content on my Writers Cafe, and my blog if you can't afford it.Also I'm subscribed to 500 people on youtube that I've put into categories so it's too many to list here.

To get an insight into the people I like
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I have spent a lot of my time inside institutions, so I have a VERY good understanding of people from those experiences, that most people do not. You can buy a ticket to Disneyland or a BDSM dungeon, but you can't buy a ticket to an institution.

I have been in 5 schools (the good institution), 1 mental hospital, 1 prison cell (I was found innocent and was arrested on a false accusation) and 3 supported accomodations (for the homeless) - so what I find is that I come across LOADS of people who work in the "service industry".

As a writer I can quantify my intelligence in a book, album or podcast, but the people who work in the service industry are not writers, but that doesn't mean they're not intelligent.I have met LOADS of amazing people who work in the service industry and I bet they read my writing now in 2019.

Seriously though, my real answer is, I don't know. I don't respect anyone the most. I just think that I'm going to do more writing and play some video games. I will be publishing 2 blog posts once I've brought a Samsung Galaxy S6.
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What's an assertion, and what should I type in?

Compesh is a question and answer (and debate) website, so before you make a debate, you better learn what an assertion is. I suppose you already know what a question is, and that you've typed it in the box. ;)

An assertion, is basically a statement you can make, that is either true or false.

Richer people have better health.

The question for that would be, Do richer people have better health?

And don't forget to make your assertion, match your question.

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