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Is it possible to be friends with someone who you know is attracted to you but who you don't find attractive?

Let's say that you are very close to the person who likes you and you don't like back, but things got awkward after this friend of yours admitted to you that he/she likes you. The awkwardness, however, is more on the friend's side and not on yours.
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tynamite's avatar Yes and no. It depends who it is, and how they feel; whether I or them could or not. I've been on the receiving and observing end on this, for both yes and no situations. I know all 4 situations.

Girl liked me and couldn't be my friend

There was this one girl who liked me, but she knew she couldn't be with me. First day I walk in the door, she's chatting me up. The fifth day I'm in the place I get flocked by 6 girls at once, and this one time they're all saying hiiiiii to me in the too friendly way. Her face was a picture. She's the one who told me that I was a good friend when we'd only spoke for 15 minutes on the first day. She would stare at me for hours, and I would ignore it pretending it didn't exist.

She one day asked me when outside with her friends if I want kids. I said I don't know, so I could gauge her reaction. She then said that she wants kids. She asked me "If I have kids, will you go and see them?" That's the sort of thing that no friend would ever say to someone. I said yes, and she said Awwwww. When the hype died down, she still watched me when I got texts, and asked to go through my phone once. When the hype down, I would try to talk to her, and she would shut me down and not let me. She didn't want me getting in her head. I was getting in her head. I knew she liked me, but I knew it was best to pretend I never knew. I told her friend about this instead.

I also managed to make a girl in a chat room fall in love with me. o_O

Girl liked me and could be my friend

I knew she liked me because she would get blush and start playfully avoiding me whenever I was around her. I've had that feeling too, minus the blushing; so I know what it's like. Your legs discreetly shake, your chest flutters and is heavy, and you feel elevated. However you're so anxious about how strongly you feel, you are doubtful of whether the other person feels the same way, and you feel scared when around this person. You're sucked into their strong gravitational pull. It was fine around this person, she would still be her friend if I was interested by other girls, as she did feel unsure of them.

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Do you care to expand on the other two scenarios, when you were the one who felt the unrequited feelings?
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Well for this one girl who I liked who didn't like me back, it didn't take long for me to like her after she started chatting to me. I liked her from the second day. It's kinda weird having a friend who when you're around, that you're unable to keep your legs still. I helped her, and she even took an interest in what text messages I read during conversation with her, but I could tell she didn't like me.

There was this one girl who I liked so much, that I had to stop being her friend for 3 months, to try to get her off my mind. Every couple of minutes, her name would spring up in my head, and she already had a boyfriend, so I needed to cut ties with her for 3 months. Because of this, she got really hurt and offended because I didn't want to do something that she wanted me to do which was simple and kind, in that time period (which looking back in retrospect, I should have done), so she began to get really sick of me whenever I entered a room that she was in. It took her much longer than 3 months to stop hating me, and now we will always have trust issues. We talk now, and are friends now, but we'll never know if we truly are friends, or are only forcing each other to be friends because we were friends. At the time when I refused to speak to her for 3 months, she just thought that I was being mean, when she would suggest things and I said no, and she never knew why I didn't want to be around her. It took 3 months to get her off my mind. Oh my gosh! We got along so well. We would be smiling at the end of every sentence that we said to each other. Whenever I was around her, I got the cold chills. One time we were on a table, and I had brought a ring binder from Asda supermarket. I took it out of my bag, brand new, peeled the sticker off, and then it didn't close. Me and her spent 30 minutes trying to close it, and we were so happy, laughing at our attempts in the process.
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