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Is it ethical to promote science when there are much more rewarding careers available (e.g., game designer, movie director, novelist, etc.)?
tynamite's avatar Your question makes the assumption that people can be anything they want to be, or be skilled at anything, when that is not the case.
Look at my mini bio. I'm a creative person, the sort of person your question calls for. Yes I'm a novelist. I've wrote 2 novels. People say I'm a very talented writer. I've wrote a horror story, and a sitcom episode, and have made people have become scared and hysterical over them - yet they are crap in comparison to my novels. That's the extent of my talent. My writing is emotive and immersive, and I get really good reviews for my work.

I know people who write stories just like I do, but they are not as good at me. I have people jealous of my writing skills. All my writing techniques come naturally, with present rules I have in my head. Not everyone can be amazing like me. It has to be said.

Not everyone can be a good writer, and not everyone who is a writer can be skilled at it. Not everyone wants to be creative, and not everyone can be a musician and novelist like me. Also when I started drawing for the first time in town sat on a portable chair, I had a passer by willing to pay me to draw his daughter. I decided to drop art, as I could afford to drop a talent.

But most of all, not everyone wants to be a creative person. Some people like to make sense of the information around them (scientists), and some like to bring their vision to life (creatives). Neither is better than the other, as they both leave their mark on the world, technologically and culturally, to make our world a better place and hopefully bring us closer together, defining our world.

Without science, we wouldn't have the means to be creative, and without creativity, we wouldn't have the restrictions to push science. Having to choose between one of them isn't the issue. Someone could ask me tomorrow why I don't care about the underlying technology that powers websites. This time next week, I could have a person asking me why I don't care about science and technology, claiming I am wasting my talent science wise. Having to choose between one of them isn't an issue. All that matters is that people do what interests them, so they can leave their mark on the world, to make it a better place.
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What's an assertion, and what should I type in?

Compesh is a question and answer (and debate) website, so before you make a debate, you better learn what an assertion is. I suppose you already know what a question is, and that you've typed it in the box. ;)

An assertion, is basically a statement you can make, that is either true or false.

Richer people have better health.

The question for that would be, Do richer people have better health?

And don't forget to make your assertion, match your question.

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