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My two philosophies in life « Tynamite's blog (this blog has moved)

Western culture corrupts us all and places objective means of success upon us that we mean to strive for.
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I've got two new philosophies to live by.

I've learnt that people will say they know what you want, but they will do the complete opposite of what you want, whether it's intentional or unintentional. If it's intentional and they keep on doing it, cut that person out of your life without prior notice. Many times people do things like throw my papers away or break my stuff whilst saying they know what I want, but if they truly did, they wouldn't have done that, so I cut those people out of my life. There's no point confronting them, as they'll always insist they know what you want even though they keep doing the opposite.

Nobody knows what you want out of your life except for you, even if they care about you or if you tell them, they still won't understand, no matter how much you tell them, so don't listen to those people as they will hold you back and call you foolish at times or the ones who say your life is good, as that will make you complacent and aspire to nothing because they don't know what you want, and they don't see the work you have to do to keep things running smoothly. Someone can say you're attractive or talented, but you still have to work and keep working for what you have, regardless. People who don't understand will hold you back.

Also, in our Western society, we are taught to measure and improve our lives in objective means. We're taught to have money, education, love, marriage, a career, some relative success with our skills etc. All the things that raise the tax revenue of the government. Now what happens when people get all these things that society tells them to do that they thought they wanted, is that they're not happy and they don't know why. They understand they're privileged and lucky and that they're better off than most people who are somehow happier, but they still don't understand why they're not happy, then they have an existential crisis and they don't know how to solve it. Well what I realised is this. People say that being a child at school is the best time of your life and I agree, even though as a child you have a lack of autonomy whereas as an adult you can pretty much do what you want, so what makes being a child much better? It's not the lack of responsibility and expectations, but something else we all overlook. When we're a child people work for us, our parents feed and clothe us, the teachers look after our welfare and everything is given to us. As an adult we are taught that we work for ourselves but that is not true. Instead we work for other people. When we go to work, we work to help others get rich. When we socialise, as there's less avenues to make friends as an adult than at school, we work to make others like us by changing our presence rather than be ourselves. It's a complete paradigm shift and we don't realise it as society teaches us that living for objective means of success is good. Well I look back at the times when I showered and smiled often and tried to figure out why I did that more often then. And it all clicked.

Instead of living for objective means such as money, success, education, work, we should instead make people work for us, instead of working for other people. I was happiest when girls were working for me socially, or when my flatmates were taking me to parties. It didn't matter about my education, just as long as people were working for me. So that's a another new philosophy in my life. Instead of being an adult working for other people, find ways for others to work for you. This is why us talking to each other is more fulfilling than us both earning money, because we both work for each other rather than for someone else. Instead of working for others, you should make others work for you. I was much more happier when I helped two journalists with their articles than when I posted an answer to Quora that got 300 upvotes and put on the Best of Quora blog, as making others work for me was more satisfying than the objective achievement where I worked for others. So that's it. Instead of working for others and measuring your life in objective achievements, you'll be much happier if you get others to work for you.

People don't know what you want in your life. If people repeatedly do the opposite of what you want while saying they know what you want, cut them out of your life without prior notice. Don't listen to people who say you have a good life, as they don't know the work you have to go through and you'll become complacent.

Instead of measuring your life through objective means such as money, career, education, love, fame, success, instead get others to work for you instead of spending your whole life working for other people.

Get people to help and worship you rather than wait for others to help you and help someone else get rich or popular.
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