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Introducing the disposable male in action « Tynamite's blog (this blog has moved)

A privilege checklist is redundant, because when it comes to attitudes, tragedies, controversy, sexuality and legally, women are favoured.
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Notice: This article is over 6000 words.

I have a backup of this article stored in 2 places in case it gets censored.

First written: 6th March 2015

Last updated: 15th April 2018.

Read this free ebook before reading this article. It was written in 1998 and updated in 2002. http://www.revolucionantifeminista.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/how-can-women-make-the-rules.pdf [[backup]


Jack Kammer: If a little boy were told to be careful of little girls, that would smack of a whole different motivation toward girls than telling girls to be careful of boys. Telling a girl to be careful of a boy seems to be prudent. Telling boys to be careful of girls seems to be something else.

Ellen Dublin Levy: Yes

Why does it seem to be?

Unnessacary (laughter)

What would you think of a father who said to his sons, “Be careful of girls. You can not trust them” What would we think of a guy like that?

That he had a very serious problem, that he hated women. He had a problem.

Why is it that the woman who tells the daughter to be careful of boys isn't seen as having a problem? Is it because boys do bad things and girls don't do bad things?


What is it then? We want men to express themselves, but if a man dares to express any distrust of women, any bad experience of women, we smack him back down by calling him a woman-hater. Are women less willing to acknowledge their faults and fables than men are?

misogyny (fear, hatred or distrust of women) A widely accepted social attitude in a sexist world. Includes beliefs that demean [women's] bodies … abilities, characters and … efforts

misandry (fear, hatred or distrust of men) 1) A refusal to suppress the evidence of one's experience with men. 2) A woman's defence against fear and pain 3) An affirmation of the cathartic effects of justifiable anger.

Source: A Feminist Dictionary, compiled by Cheris Kramarae and Paula Treicher

Source: Good Will Toward Men, by Jack Kammer, 1994


It's 2017, and we're still talking about privilege? Can you believe it? Certain groups of people will have you know that certain groups are more privileged in society than others. Personally, I don't believe that privilege has a place in our 21st century lexicon, as if you compared a handful of male lives and female lives off the street or of equal number, there'd be no cause for concern as there would be no guarantee the males would live better lives. We all have our problems and struggles in life, and most of the time, they don't amount to a significant difference if you compare a handful of men and women off the street from the same socioeconomic background.

If male privilege is real, surely female school kids would have more miserable lives than male school kids, rather than to provide a bullet pointed checklist as if that checklist is automatically going to make the life of a male good [one] [two] [three]. One male privilege checklist even said that men have the privilege to murder have rape. However Jessica Valenti says that society doesn't value women because words like bitch, pussy and slut allegedly degrade what it is to be a woman. My response to that is that women are valued by default and men have to earn the right to be a man, so women are valued, but that's another topic for another article.

There are people who are against the term of privilege, women included. Lily Allen said that there's no need for feminism because we all are equal [one] [two] [three]. Kaley Cucuo caused controversy when she said she's not a feminist because she's never experienced sexism. If you listen to the gynocentric rhetoric of feminists, they'll have you believe that male privilege truly does exist. Allow me to tell you otherwise. Allow me to introduce the idea that men are disposable. Disposable? What's that? If you've listened to Karen Straughan's viral video about The Disposable Male [two], it merely talking about the attitudes of a man in the friend zone, or by reading Peter Lloyd's article in the Daily Mail, about his book outlining that men are second class citizens, and Camille Paglia who said that There's no room for anything manly now and that our society is neutering boys of their maleness at a young age, it would do hardly anything to alleviate the concerns of those desperate to know what it is, unless they already knew what it was. Allow me to explain what the disposable male actually is.


When it comes to SEXUALITY, one sexuality is being slated, and the other is not. Masculinity is currently being demonised in today's society. Thanks to third wave feminism, "toxic masculinity" is blamed [two] for males doing mass shootings rather than mental illness, dissatisfaction with life and psychotropic drugs. To further demonise masculinity to shreds, the #MasculinitySoFragile hashtag sprang up to receive support from feminist media. Men ridicule men who can't get laid.

Feminists against male desire, are wanting to outlaw compliments [one] [two] [three], images of attractive women [one] [two] [three] and sexual advances by slating an app that works like Tinder but a match means you want no strings attached sex without flirting beforehand rather than to chat, date or whatever else happens before sex on dating sites, and now they're expanding the definition of rape because they know that false rape accusers who are female hardly ever get punished as no one ever questions women's motives in court, with one avoiding time in prison [one], despite the percentage of known false rape cases being from 53% to 78% worldwide [one] [two] [three] , but half are alleged to be false [one] [two]. A false rape claim took 90 minutes for the innocent man to be cleared, despite there being CCTV evidence. A man spent 4 years in prison over a false rape claim, and the woman got a 2 month weekend only sentence. Feminists are expanding the definition of rape to include stare rape [two] , switch rape or word rape, invisible rape and telepathic rape. The first arrest for manspreading has been made in New York City [one][two] [three], and a A black boy already got suspended for staring at a white girl, and the decision was upheld in a court as if we're living in a racist apartheid (or one that demonises and restricts male sexuality). A British university rejected a men's society. Whilst Roosh V ran a world tour for men to talk about masculinity and the troubles men face in this gynocentric society, over 100 articles were written about him as feminists tried to get his event cancelled and the major of Canada spoke out against him for exercising his free speech, and an MEP tried to get his readers and supporters banned from travellng to Europe, for a speech that never promoted any subjugation of women. The gays were allowed to have a parade near the event held in a secret location. It's the feminists who are trying to take away men's rights. There was even a petition to ban his pick up artist books [one] [two] [three]

Feminists successfully made it so that men accused of rape aren't given anonymity before the court verdict thanks to their campaigning. Whilst there is rape hysteria from gynocentric feminists, red pill websites, and pick up artist websites which are supposed to teach men how to get laid, continue to be blocked in the UK for allegedly having "adult content" or "hate speech", [one] [two] [three] [four]. Even men's rights website, A Voice for Men is blocked. It's an act of censorship.

They're not content with the yes means yes law that requires that all sex has electronic or written consent as a man will have to prove there was consent rather than that he never used force, the affirmative consent law where you need consent for each sequential sexual act, which reduces the chances of men having consensual sex with women, or the rape by fraud law where you go to prison for lying to get sex. That is a law that will only affect men as women don't need to lie to get sex. Sex is never free for men. If a man isn't paying for it with money, he is paying for it with labour. Now it's rape if you're having sex for an hour and you don't ask for permission to continue every 10 minutes. A judge blocked a subpoena that would allow text messages would be accessed, so a man accused of rape would not be able to defend himself. To protect themselves against false rape accusations, men are getting women they have sex with to send them text messages of consent or enjoying the sex, before and after they have sex with them. Under Canada's new C-158 law, these text messages will not be considered to be evidence that a rape didn't happen - even if location data from the mobile phones says that the two phones were in different locations when the messages were sent. When men and women get their naked photos leaked to the public, the reaction is different. The reaction for if it happens to a man is to embrace it rather than condemn it as it is for women.

Feminism is teaching people that gender is a social construct which is untrue [two] [three] and that men should show emotions and adopt feminine traits, in an attempt to implement cultural marxism. Men are adopting female speech patterns and the amount of testosterone and sperm count keeps falling as time goes on.



People have come out and spoken to announce that men have become and are becoming more feminine. [one] [two] [three] [four] [five]

Why can a man face destitution and homelessness for failing to give millions for a lifetime of sex instead of a 50/50 split of assets as one would think the law suggests, while a man can be imprisoned for paying for 1 day of sex? Why was a man left penniless after a divorce? Why did a man who was paid $230,000 after a divorce, ordered to pay a higher alimony charge of £1441 a month for life? Why are there laws designed to stop men from travelling abroad? A man can be forced by the government to pay child support even if he is not the biological father. [one] [two] Why is shaming men acceptable? [one] [two] Why did a false rape case where CCTV proved the man's innocence, take 90 minutes to clear?

In 2016, a 9 year old was charged with writing a girl a love letter. In Nottingham it is forbidden to cold approach women [two] and it is seen as a “hate crime”. The Everyday Sexism campaign risks making all sexual advances 'misogynist'


At least here in Illinois, when a woman goes to court and says “My ex-husband is however many months behind on child support and I want him to pay”, if the father comes in and says “Fine, there is the money issue but let's also talk about the fact that she will not allow me to see the kids and has not allowed me to see the kids for many months”, those two issues cannot be joined in a single lawsuit. Interestingly, in every other area of the law, if you have two people who have a dispute about a contractual interaction, all issues are fair game to be joined in a single lawsuit, but you cannot do that with respect to support versus visitation. This is only a small way men are shoved out of the family when it comes to divorce, but it is a very important and very telling point.

Source: Good Will Toward Men, by Jack Kammer, 1994

If you look at the ATTITUDES that society holds when it comes to if a man does something compared to a woman, under close examination, you'll find that the men receive the worse treatment for it. Teachers worldwide give higher marks to girls than they do boys.. Domestic violence shelters discriminate against men [backup] [two], despite women initiating domestic violence more so than men (John Archer and Malcolm George for The Independent November 12 2000), or in equal measure [two] according to the British government. Additionally, men who jump from a balcony after being beaten by a woman, gets laughed at. If a man cheats, it's the man's fault for being a bad boyfriend, but if a woman cheats, it's the man's fault for being a bad boyfriend. When women ask what they can do to attract a boyfriend, they are given practical advice, but when men ask what they can do to attract a girlfriend, they are called entitled [two]. When a man writes a blog about his sexual encounters, it causes controversy, protests and is shamed as if it is something bad, but when women do so, it is glorified. Whilst women are shamed for promiscuity and easiness in the form of slut shaming, men are shamed for expressing a desire in the opposite sex which is far worse. Men are chastised for showing emotions or crying in social situations, whereas women get a free pass to do so.

Court sentences are 37-60% longer than men than they are for women for the same crime [two], and drunk drivers who kill women get longer sentences than drunk drivers who kill men (National Bureau of Economic Research at Harvard University, April 2000). In 2010, British judges were ordered to treat female criminals more leniently in comparison to males. A man who bit part of someone's ear got sentenced to prison, whereas a woman who did the same thing got probation. The same result happened for a man and woman who hired a hit man to kill someone. [man offender] [woman offender] Similar results happened for a man and woman who set genitals alight. Women have been known multiple times to walk free from court after glassing men. Women are even known to escape prison due to judges not wanting to send women to prison. A woman avoided prison 15 years in prison for raping a man. A woman served 5 years in prison for murdering her partner. A woman made a man spend 4 years in prison for a fake rape accusation and her punishment was to spend weekends in prison for 2 months [one]. A woman avoided prison for making a false rape accusation. A student cleared of rape sued the police after they hid evidence of 40,000 messages from his accuser. [two] [three] Men who steal from the homeless are apprehended, but women who do so, are not. Men who drug women's drinks are apprehended, but women who drug men's drinks are left to do so in peace. Slapping a man in the face while she's sleeping is seen as okay, but not when it happens to a woman.

A woman became a firefighter despite failing the fitness tests, in a move which will put lives at risks.

Young males are routinely put on psychotropic medications for ADHD which can cause disassociation from reality and psychosis leading to murders to the point that 25% of American school boys are put on ritalin, despite the fact that a third of children diagnosed with ADHD stop taking medication by the time they're 18, which proves they never had ADHD in the first place. Sitcoms such as The Simpsons, Bojack Horseman and Family Guy show idiotic men as the main character, and alpha male role models such as The Fresh Prince, Mr T, Fonzie, from Happy Days or Bill Cosby, are now dead. #InternationWomensDay receives worldwide attention including in newspapers, whereas #InternationalMensDay gets relatively no fanfare, but when it does it gets removed from Twitter's database. Also Twitter caved from pressure from feminists, so now feminists are responsible for policing the site including feminist and social justice warrior Anita Sarkeesian as part of their Trust and Safety Council, a move which has got Jordan Owen, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Slade “Roguestar” Villena suspended from the site despite them not breaking the rules. In 2015 a man faced sixth months in prison for disagreeing with a feminist on twitter. The social justice goes on.


Society also reacts differently to decide what is CONTROVERSIAL for men, and what is controversial for women. When men congregate to discuss men's issues pertaining to the legal, social and justice system, the Reddit subreddit /r/mensrights ends up on the SPLC misogyny list, but when BuzzFeed editor Katie Notopaolous admits on Twitter that she hates men, urging all females to #UnfollowAManDay proclaiming in her profile “I don't follow men”, there is there's no controversy. The media did not cover it at all. When feminist Jessica Valenti wears a “I bathe in male tears” t-shirt“, joking or not, there' no controversy; but when an astronaut comes down from landing a spacecraft on a comet wearing a t-shirt of scantily clad women, it causes controversy under Shirtgate [two]. Which is worse? According to Jack Kammer, “Any man would be damaged by the allegation that he doesn't respect women. Why is it so hard to imagine that any woman would be hurt by the charge that she doesn't respect men?”

When someone created a Girls Around Me app for Foursquare to allow men to know where females outside are, the app got deleted two; but an even worse app called Lulu that allows women to anonymously spill the beans on their exes and their sex lives with them, without men being allowed to see it which allows unchecked libel and slander, is deemed allowed due to Facebook's TOS and not sexist. The equivalent of a Harvard soccer team ranking women they had sexual encounters with, caused worldwide controversy, whereas Lulu did not. When creepshots blew up in partly thanks to The Guardian, The Daily Dot two and Jezebel, the subreddit got deleted after the owner was threatened with doxxing, but women have a similar site called Tubecrush and there was no controversy and the website remains online unscathed. When someone made a Facebook Page designed to expose sluts, the Australian government stepped in to shut it down, but when women make anonymous rape accusations on Facebook, it's allowed to exist laizzes-fairre. The Huffington Post published an article with a comic joking about rape and sexual assault, insisting that women punch men in the genitals, and the article went unnoticed for two years, only for a petition to appear two years later; but when a man got an article published on the same site telling women not to be feminists as it's a hate movement, that article got removed after feminist protest. When Sam Pepper used paid actors to simulate sexual assault to compare the reactions for men and women for an experiment, people laughed when it happened to men, and not when it happened to women in videos now deleted from YouTube and he lost his YouTube partner status despite not being accused of a crime, and BuzzFeed published an anonymous rape accusation of him, and there were many that cropped up.

When Hope Solo engaged in domestic violence to her boyfriend, there was n o calling or petition for her to be removed from soccer or any controversy two three four and ask what Jay Z could have done to deserve it, thanks to feminists. Also Nike dropped Adrian Peterson due to domestic violence, but not Hope Solo who committed the same offence. [two]. When Matt Forney wrote an article stating why women with tattoos are broken, the article caused controversy enough to give him death threats and went viral; but when a woman wrote an article for Jezebel demanding that women beat up their boyfriends, the same woman ended up working for $500 million dollar company VICE years later, later to lead their new vertical Broadly about women's interest. When Robin Thicke made a music video for Blurred Lines with half naked women used in a masculine orientated way, about asking a woman he wants to have sex with that he wants clear lines instead of blurred consent, it caused global controversy and got banned in several British universities, but when feminist Taylor Swift depicts domestic violence against men in her music video, it caused minimal controversy and a petition sprang up. When Kanye West depicted women in chains for his Monster video, he ended up on Feminist Frequency, but when Nicki Minaj uses Nazi imagery [two] [three] for her "Only" lyric video, there is controversy of supposed anti-seminitism, not sexism, which she later apologised for, but her later music video for "Only" which depicts men in chains who had been undergoing torture, had absolutely no controversy or Social Justice Warrior two three backlash to get her fired from The X Factor, just none. In fact feminists defended her actions [two].

The most extreme example is feminist student welfare and diversity officer Bahar Mustafa who caused extreme controversy for hosting an equality and diversity event but barred males and white people from entering. That's a conflict of interest given that she's in charge of diversity, let alone her tweeting #KillAllWhiteMen and #misandry and using Twitter to call someone white trash. She claims she can't be sexist or racist because she's an ethnic minority, which is the possibly the most sexist and racist thing you've heard in your life. I say she does have power, otherwise there wouldn't be a petition made about her calling for her to be fired As she's a woman, she hasn't been removed from her job yet. “Does Goldsmiths University take racism seriously? Or is it only serious when it is other races than the white race being attacked?” “It failed,because there are no men left anymore. whats,up with these kids,today they go crazy over a bloody advert for beach body ready [two][three], but not a woman who uses her position of power and influence to discriminate against whites and males.The charges were dropped.


We should have sympathy for all TRAGEDIES, but we don't have sympathy equally for the genders. When Boro Haram burned boys alive, there was no controversy, but when he started kidnapping girls, it was an international travesty with Michelle Obama [two] [three] and Ellen Degeneres proclaiming #BringBackOurGirls placards. When a man killed his children and himself, the top rated comments called him evil, horrible and a monster. When a woman killed herself and the children, the comments, the top comments the top comments did not slate the woman.

When a woman is raped, there's huge sympathy, but when a man is raped, it's found to be funny because the man must enjoy it as they always want sex. People treat paedophilia and hebephilia differently if a man or woman is doing it [two] [three] (a female paedophilia got called glamorous by The Mirror), and the media does not report it in the same way. If a man has sex with a child, he is called a paedophile, but if a woman has sex with a child she is called a sex offender, which could mean anything. An example of such is four women who pulled down a homeless man's trousers. The article never called it sexual assault. When a man posted a photo on Facebook of him holding his naked son in the shower, it caused controversy for possibly verging on paedophilia, but when a woman did the same thing, there was no controversy. [two] Also the British legal system does not recognise female paedophiles as only male paedophiles are given therapy. When an underage girl had sex with a police force then sued the police for money, she received nearly a million dollars and was not prosecuted for entrapment [one] [two]

In 2015, three teenagers made a sex tape, two male one female, and only the males got arrested [two]. In a similar case, a 17 year old child who was male sent a nude picture of himself to his teenage girlfriend, and he was charged with creating child pornography whilst his girlfriend who sent him nudes never got charged. The police proceeded to take nude photographs of the underage child without his consent. Who in the relationship is the sex offender here, and who is the paedophile taking photos of children without their consent?

When people read out the news of deaths, people say 8 people and 3 women [two], as if the women are specially important (For a story on August 5 1987, reporting that 3416 men were slain at work - 82% of all at-work killings - USA Today used this headline “732 women were murdered on the job). Also NFL players are being forced to wear pink cancer ribbons for breast cancer awareness month two three four five, whilst a gender neutral cancer or testicular cancer doesn't have a globally recognised symbol for people to wear, of which $185 million was spent to combat, compared to $11 million for men (Men's Health Network, Washington DC).


Feminists are trying to take the rights of men away. [one] [two] while campaigning for women to never go into prison and women's prisons be closed [one] [two] Feminists have even campaigned for a female murderer to be released.

Reverse racism and reverse sexism does exist, as racism and sexism isn't about your gender or skin colour you were born with, but it's about what you do. To believe otherwise, must mean that you don't wish the sexes and races to be treat as equals, as minorities would get a free pass to spew whatever hateful actions they like. Feminism thinks otherwise. Feminism is going against 94% of the population. According to Third Wave Feminism, sprouted by Everyday Feminism and Twitter verified Anita Sarkeesian's tweet, women cannot be sexist (or even racist) because women do not hold economic, social or legal power. As hateful, sexist, or problematic as you may find that statement, the premise behind it is untrue, even if people on welfare or dead end jobs are implicated in this male power thingy. I'm sure the man who was tortured, stabbed and forced to drink toilet water, and forced to say “Fuck white people. Fuck Donald Trump”, who was targeted for being white, I'm sure that was a racist hate crime, which it was, even if the crime was carried out by ethnic minorities.

Women do hold power in society, more so than men. Also they own legal power as women get lighter sentences and rape, domestic violence, divorce and child custody laws are skewed towards women.

The pay gap does not exist, as women choose lower paid jobs than men. And they have affirmative action to ensure they're employed based on affiliation rather than merit along with women controlling the majority of the spending decisions [one] [two] [three] [four] around the world. Women control over 60% of the world's wealth. In fact women are outearning men as studies that compared single childless women who never married, compared to their male counterparts, found that women earned more [two]. This was found to be true in 39 of the 50 largest U.S. cities. Also men are hired more when the gender of a person isn't revealed to the employer, which proves that there is a positive bias towards women in employment despite men being better qualified [one] [two]

Also women are entering the workforce and men are leaving it [two][three] [four] [five] [six] [seven] [eight]. Also women attend university more than men and get more degrees than them. “According to Pew Research Center, 71 percent of women enroll in college after graduating high school while only 61 percent of men do, with the gap widening every year. Additionally, since 2006, women have earned the majority of college degrees at all levels, from associate’s degrees to doctorates.” Women hold social power as women aren't disposable like men and they're valued by default without having to earn it. California, Florida and Oklahoma have announced plans to castrate male sex offenders, despite the fact that false rape claims range from 53% to 78% worldwide [one] [two] [three]. Not only that, women control the media. In Britain, FHM and Zoo magazines will be axed, meaning there'll be no more men's general interest magazines in Britain. The media caters to soothe women's egos to make them feel good about themselves, with feminism being promoted by major outlets and women's magazines dominating the shelves of newsagents and supermarkets with female magazines compared to men.

Feminists are just being elitists looking at the men in the suits in the offices in the leadership roles, or in STEM, and they're making their conclusions based on that. It's the women who have the true power, as society exists to serve and elevate women, not men. According to Jack Kammer, from his book, If Men Have All The Power How Come Women Make The Rules [[backup], “women's power is the opposite of monumental. It's like wall-to-wall carpeting, or a snowfall, everywhere and unavoidable, not concentrated into a few narrow monuments, like men's”. The book has other gems such as, “The most curious sexism is women's belief that only one sex is sexist” and “There are two possible reasons why we keep hearing that we live in a patriarchy. The first is that we do indeed live in a society dominated by men. The other possibility is that we live under a different kind of rule that is so strong and pervasive that it keeps us from seeing it for what it is” and “How come men never say it's a man's world.” Quoted in the book is a quote from Esther Vilar, “Women invent rules, manipulate men to obey them, and in this way dominate men - but in no way apply the rules to themselves” from a book titled The Manipulated Man, of which she received death threats for. Jack adds "Women like to pretend they have no power so they can't be held accountable for how they use it." An example of such, is an article outlining female privilege being reported as abusive and hateful, and the comments being removed. Do we need to talk about it like adults?

So as you can see, when it comes to society's sexuality, attitudes, controversy and tragedies, and even legally, it all is skewed in favour of women.

The suffering of women gets our maximum consideration, and the suffering of men gets zilch. That's the disposable male in action. So as you can now see, men are disposable. Always have been, always will. It was even like that in Titanic when women and children had to enter the lifeboats first as there wasn't enough - and that was before women got the vote! A scientific experiment showed that men would be willing to sacrifice three men for one woman with reproductive value, and the likelihood fell if the woman was infertile. Although men proliferate the leadership roles that feminists so want with their push to enter STEM, leadership roles, boardrooms and politics, the rules are skewed in favour of women. Male disposability permeates from the highest platforms to the smallest platoons.

Many men become white knights [two] [three] [four] (taking the side of a woman in a situation, dispute or debate on account of her sex rather than the individual circumstances), giving women special treatment in an attempt for their attention, approval and admiration - so should it be no surprise that men are willing to throw their entire gender under a bus for the mere possibility of getting female brownie points, whereas women don't commit gender suicide. The article mocking male masculinity as pointless was written by a man. The article encouraging people to look at Justin Bieber's leaked nudes photos was written by a man on Gawker, yet the same blog was very dismissive when the same happened to woman Jennifer Lawrence. It's a double standard. [two]. In 2015, a 15 year old tore to shreds whatever dignity he had as a man, by launching an online campaign for men to carry tampons around for women. Feminist website Vox published an article written by a MAN, saying that men should live in fear of falsely being charged with rape and that men should fear approaching women and making sexual advances towards them. A MAN wrote an article for The Guardian saying that we should get rid of masculinity.

Why do men give women special treatment for the possibility of female approval and admiration, whilst throwing their entire gender under a bus in the process? Why do men do this, on the small scale and the large scale? Now if men are supposedly in charge, why would they skew the rules in favour of women? If men created 90% of civilisation, science, culture, agriculture and construction, and women didn't, why the hell are men disposable, and women not? Could it be that women take up the majority of voters, or something else? Is it because women are cultural marxist liberals where discrimination against men is acceptable to be public about?

What caused a gang of vigilantes to beat a man to death with a hammer after arguing with a woman?

What is the new reality? [two]

the new reality

So as you can see, when it comes to society's sexuality, attitudes, controversy tragedies, and even legally, it all is skewed in favour of women.

What is a woman's biggest power, and where does it come from? Have a think about that one.

This article could not get published as the word count of 5148 words exceeded what blogs would accept, so if you ever want to teach someone who believes in male privilege that men are instead disposable, share this article with them, so the fact that men are disposable can become commonplace in the general populous.

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