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Which type of people you really love to talk with?
tynamite's avatar This answer is over 3000 words

There's four types of people that I really love to talk to and I get along with them really well so there's high chemistry with these people. Everyone else is secondary.

People with the applicable triad of intelligence

Read this before continuing.

I get along really well who have hard skills, soft skills and creative arts skills, as I have that too, so we will have a lot in common, even if we disagree on politics, sociology (how we see the world), morals, conduct (how we choose to conduct ourselves in any particular situation), subculture (type of social circles we belong to), taste (in music, books, videos), and ambition.

I have an excellent friend I talk to right now who is like that.

Read this before continuing

Dark Triad people

What is the dark triad? It's people who have traits narcicissm, sociopathy and machiavellianism traits. However that does not mean that they are any of these things, it's very possible that they are not any of these things, just that they have traits of those three things.

Machiavellanism means "the ends justifies the means" meaning you will do something bad if the result is good, or do harm a small amount of people to benefit a large amount of people. It originates from a philosopher and writer called Niccolò Machiavelli who wrote fiction and non-fiction books, and his books are classics which have influenced governments worldwide.

People who are dark triad tend to be VERY intelligent, VERY popular, VERY funny, VERY good at flirting, and VERY creative and VERY successful. They also tend to have conservative, red pill and anti-feminist opinions. Their opinions go against the grain of education, media and politicians so they are antithetical, and they are politically incorrect.

You know that someone is dark triad when they run their own business that involves them making money from their own intellectual property from their own brain instead of manual labour (chef, bricklayer, factory picker) jobs or moronic jobs (sales, administration, cleaner, social worker, teacher). I also find it funny how dark triad people like Lil Wayne, Roosh V, Tyler The Creator, Lewis Spears, Milo Yiannopoulos, Tristan Barker, end their sentences with "man" for emphasis and to address the person they're conversing with to be pally. Also they use deadpan humour, which is saying something funny while keeping a normal facial expression and normal tone of voice so they sound deadly serious while telling a joke as if they are counting to 100.

Sometimes videos convey what text can't, so here's some vloggers I like watching. Why do you think I am I subscribed to these people?

Notice how Lil Wayne knocks his cup over on purpose!

Roosh's deadpan humour is below

People who are extroverted, bubbly, chirpy, whose presence fills the whole room

What type of person do they hire to work as a pre-school tv presenter like Nick Jr, Cbeebies or Disney Junior. What type of person do they hire to work in sales? You've now imagined that type of person.

I'm a very extroverted person too, but whereas my extroversion energy is being a "social catalyst" (a catalyst is something a car has to make the fuel burn faster), their extroversion is the fuel. So I'm not interesting as a seperate entity I have to react with people in a context sensitive way depending on the profile, ideas and signals of the person, and they are interesting as a seperate entity by themselves. What a perfect combination!

I met a girl like that and she was perfect she was so pretty and had the perfect personality, and OMG she was MORE intelligent than me. I always felt intimidated by her when I was in her presence even though I fell in love with her, and she had the unique ability to know what I was thinking by looking at me, and constantly par me by telling the people around me out loud what I was thinking. Nobody else knew what I was thinking. My grades at the end of the course was two distinctions and a merit, hers was three distinctions, so she scored higher than me.

In a relationship between people, there are three types of value that is exchanged by two parties. Sometimes more than one type of value can be exchanged.

  • Actualisation (getting a fuzzy abstract concept in your mind and turning it into a concrete format)
  • Dependancy (two people having different emotional needs and they both get their emotional needs met off each other
  • Mirroring (two people doing the same types of behaviours and saying the same types of things and when one person does or says something the other person mirrors it)

Me and the pretty girl I loved I wanted SOOOO much, we had all 3 of the types of value in a relationship. One time I brought a filofax (ring binder) from Poundland (everything there costs £1) and tried to close the metal inside so I could secure the A4 papers I put inside. It never shut. The chemistry was so high between us that me and her spent THIRTY MINUTES trying to close the metal rings and it would never close, and we were laughing and flirting the whole time. Everyone in the class was staring at us and eavesdropping.

Everything I am, she is more. More intelligent, more attractive, more manipulative, more popular, but on the flip side, maybe she woud think that I'm more than her, as she doesn't create the hard skills, soft skills and creative arts that I do as she's not a creative person, so when you think about it properly, I'm more intelligent than her in some aspects, and she's more intelligent than me in other aspects. As you can imagine, we one-upped (in Britain we say parred) each other all the bloody time!

Sometimes videos convey what text can't, so here's some examples of such people.


What subculture do I belong to and have my personality fit into? Have a guess.



(Also known as bohemians but hippie and bohemian is the same thing, just that bohemains carbon copied hippies and tried to pass it off as original so the real term is hippie.)

In case you don't know, you don't need to meet EVERY trait (or stereotype) to act like a subculture, but you just need over a certain amount. And it just so happens that I have a cluster of traits in my personality that is associated with hippie culture. I didn't choose the hippie life, the hippie life chose me. I know this because I was looking up hippie lingo or hippie speak in Google before writing this answer, and guess what? Most of the slang words I use all the time in my day to day life, actually stem from hippie culture, even though I didn't know that it was hippie speak. What a coincidence!!! I'm really shocked.

Every subculture has its own lingo. Incels use the words stacey, chad and roastie. Nerds use the words noob, noscopes and filler. Hipsters use "you probably haven't heard of it", "come again" and "jitterbug". I've used this website of hippie lingo to find that MOST of the slang words I use stem from hippie culture without me knowing that they are hippie words. I'll list them below.

  • Activist: A person who participates in protest actions. Anyone involved in a cause, usually political.
  • Blind Faith: Rock group with Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker from Cream and Steve Winwood from Traffic. Famous album cover shown. (I use the term blind faith to convey that someone takes someone at face value or trusts something dubious without any supporting evidence or reasoning)
  • Cop out: Escape from responsibility. "Don't cop out when your bro is in need."
  • Free Love: The idealistic concept embraced by the hippies that Love needn't be bound by convention. People are free to love whomever they please, whenever they please, wherever they please, without attachment or commitment. This was practiced by many hippies and helped spawn the Women's and Gay Liberation Movements.
  • Free Speech Movement: Arose in 1964, on the Berkeley campus of the University of California as a result of the administration prohibiting student political activities on campus. Students held rallies on the steps of the Administration building (Sproul Hall) and sit-ins inside demanding freedom of speech. Many students were beaten, arrested, and some are suspended including Mario Savio, the founder of the movement and one of the more outspoken student protesters. Eventually the Berkeley faculty members came up with a proposal to restore free speech and the University Chancellor was replaced.
  • Get Real!: Stop dreaming! "Get real man, nobody's gonna get high smokin' banana peels!" (I always say "let's be real here")
  • Gone: Really out of it. Not aware. Asleep. (I am always saying "too far gone")
  • Hang Up: A personality quirk resulting from something bothersome that makes your life miserable. "She ignored me! She must be all hung up about something." (I use the term "hung up")
  • Hip: Aware of what's going on. Knowledgeable. "I'm hip to what's happening." Something cool or groovy. "Those are the hippest love beads I've ever seen!" (I always use the term hip and trendy)
  • Hype: To promote something excessively.
  • In: Whatever's trendy at the moment. "Beatle boots and granny glasses are really in now!"
  • Kicks: Something you do for fun. Something enjoyable.
  • Killer: Something really great, powerful, or impressive. "That was sure some killer weed we smoked." (I'm always talking about how something "kills it" or how a person is "killing it")
  • Laid Back: Someone relaxed, easygoing. A place that's cool. "I've been to the commune, it's real laid back."
  • Later: Good bye.
  • Mind Game: When someone tries to control your mind, often by trying to bullshit you.
  • Out: Gone, no more left. "Bummer, I'm outta smoke!"
  • Question Authority!: Popular button in the sixties encouraging people to challenge the powers that be, particularly the government. (I don't watch the news as it repeats the same shit every day talking about what plebs got murdered and raped and what controversial thing Kanye West and Kim Kardashian said, never telling you what is really going on in the world keeping you dosile. I am always calling people "sheep" and saying that "people are following the sheep system" and talking about how "I bypass the sheep system")
  • Scam: A plot to defraud people. (I am always calling things scams all day every day. However the term I use is "daylight robbery", "chatting shit", "commercial", "tradthot", "virtue signalling", "bare face lying" and "scam")
  • Score: To finally get something highly desired. "Dude, I scored a gram of some killer Nepalese finger hash." (I use the term "points" all the time as I'm British and also "one-up" and "par")
  • Selling Out: To sacrifice one's counter-culture ideals for acceptance by society or material gain.
  • Shit: Dope of one kind or another. Could be called "good shit" or "bad shit", both meaning it's good. (I'm always saying "you can't make this shit up", "crazy shit", "oh shit" and "shitstirring")
  • The System: The catchall phrase for the evil power structure that oppresses the masses, controls the economics, and creates war. Refers to capitalism. (I'm always talking about being "trapped in the system", "beating the system" and "cheating the system".)
  • Teeny Boppers: In the 60s, teenagers too young to be hippies, had their own social group. Teeny boppers presented a new market for the media to conquer. They had their own music like the Partridge Family, The Cowsills, The Jackson 5, and The Monkees. Since big business couldn't sell to the hippies, they targeted their commercialism at this new group. Older hippies used this term to describe this younger generation.
  • Thing: Catch phrase for your obsession or something you enjoy. "Liberating the mind through LSD is Leary's thing." (I'm always saying certain genres or foods are "not my thing". Young adult books are not my thing, pop music is not my thing, psychology is not my thing, let's plays are not my thing, chocolate is not my thing, facebook is not my thing.)
  • Trippy: Something unusual or psychedelic.
  • Vibes: Short for vibrations. Used to describe the overall feeling or mood of a place, person or thing. "I kept puttin' out good vibes, but I still didn't get a ride!" (I'm always talking about "the vibe" saying the words "the/good/bad vibe" all the time, often describing "the vibe" to other people in words. Me having a "good vibe" or "bad vibe" instantly when I am in a certain location, am doing a particular activity, or am in the proximity of someone)
  • Warhol, Andy: Pop artist supreme, Andy was a scene himself. He took the icons of popular culture and turned it into art. Some of his most famous works feature Campbell's Soup Cans and Marilyn Monroe. Andy filmed several low budget films of questionable quality including: Trash and Frankenstein (in 3D). (In fact Andy Warhol is my favourite artist of all time.)
  • Way Out: Something so far out there, it's almost unbelievable.
  • Wow!: An exclamation of excitement. "Wow! Did you see what Jimi did with his guitar?"

So what is a hippie? I'll try to explain, but it's hard to explain because the hippie subculture (or movement) started before I was born, and there was no such thing as internet in those days so the amount of accurate information with authority about hippies is very limited.

A hippie, in short, is a person who believes in peace, free love, equality, being altrusic and making the world a better place - but in short, they are "free love" people. It's hard for me to find stereotypes of hippies on Google because the search results given tend to be low quality websites trying to upsell me to part with my money to pay for books, give them youtube advertising revenue or donate to them on patreon - things that have nothing to do with the "article" at hand. So here goes.

Sometimes when describing a type of person, video conveys what text can't, so here is a youtube of a video who is a self declared bohemian (remember bohemian and hippie are the same thing).

(JJ from JJVlogz and JJTalkz is a vegan feminist. Why am I not surprised?)

Below are stereotypes of hippies, as far as my understanding.

  • Vegan: (I'm not vegan)
  • Always open to being approached: (Doesn't ignore you when you smile at them, doesn't give you a screw face or rude tone when you say hello to them, or act like you're a pedo if you cold approach them. Free love and all that.) (that's me)
  • Polyamorous: Being in multiple relationships at the same time whilst not being married. (that's me)
  • Pro drugs: (I'm pro drugs. I believe ALL drugs should be legal but I've never taken drugs)
  • Pro freedom of speech: (I'm against political correctness and am against hate speech laws. That's why I made Compesh after being banned from Yahoo Answers, Quora and Reddit's r/nostupidquestions for being politically incorrect despite not breaking any rules)
  • Altrusic: Altrusic means helping others without wanting or expecting anything in return. (I give money to the homeless, I've brought gifts for cyberbeggers, I've done strangers coursework for them, I've helped people online with their depression)
  • Anti-war: (that's me)
  • Never saying goodbye: Never saying goodbye to end a conversation and just walking off, disppearing or hanging up abruptly. The concept of goodbye does not exist in hippie culture. Them not saying goodbye when they walk off is not them being rude, because they have never left. You are always welcome. You can approach them at any time. If they're talking to someone else they won't be annoyed or ignore you that you joined a private conversation, they will allow you to join it. If you do hear a "goodbye", which you technically never will, it is always the one word "later". (that's me)
  • Congruence: That means your behaviour being in line (matching up) with your personality. So if someone tells you to something that goes against your personality, you won't do it. If you see someone seducing, flirting or befriending using a particular behaviour and it is not in line with your personlity, you won't do it. You only form bonds with people by behaving in ways that are in line with your personality, which makes you a congruent person.
  • Being blind to a person's footing: Not judging people for their inability, failures or misfortune (that's me)
  • Anti-discrimination: We don't refuse to be friends or date people based on their age, gender, location, income, sex or race. Well for dating sex applies obviously.
  • Anti-vice laws: Vice laws are laws that prohibit consensual acts, like prostitution, sugar tax, child labour, drugs, age ratings for content, gambling, euthanasia (that's me)
  • Anti-capitalism: Let's not get political here, but we believe that inequality is rooted in the capitalist system so for that reason, capitalism is corrupt. This does not mean that we are lunatic communists. (Me personally, I believe that capitalism is corrupt because I believe that profit and tax are both theft. I am a socialist, and I don't mean the communists who call themselves socialists when they're really communists. I believe in government regulation, market distortion, minimum wage, maximum wage, and that all natural monopolies should be owned by the state, to keep it short.)
  • Apple fanatic: They always use Apple products, because Apple doesn't track iPhone and Mac users and unnessacarily share data with the government. For example, Apple CEO Tim Cook refused to give the FBI technology that would allow them to bypass every iPhone's lock screen in the world.
  • The Guardian reader: They always read The Guardian as it's the only British newspaper not owned by a billionaire, not funded by advertising, and with no special interests that can cancel a story. They are always publishing whistleblowing articles like Edward Snowden NSA leaks and Panama Papers, and they are based in three countries so if a superinjunction is served, they can publish from abroad. Also they don't have celebrity news as they think it's trashy.

I'm sure there's more stereotypes that I can list even if they don't apply to me, but I've not yet done enough research online to know.

People with anxiety

This is the part of the show where it gets controversial or politically incorrect. Everyone knows that guys find girls with anxiety adorable.

Girls with anxiety always get offended or TRIGGERED by this, as they perceive it to be some sort of microaggression. I've got my own opinions on microaggressions, but that would be changing the subject. I was asking people (male and female) with anxiety online on a mental health forum why they would be offended by someone finding their anxiety personality trait attractive, and I also asked them how they would feel if someone decided to approach them solely because they have anxiety behaviours. They either said that it was fetishising because they were portraying anxiety as a good thing as if it's good for a person to have because it adds to their character and gives them kind behaviours, glossing over all the negative (and severely life hindering) aspects of their mental disability; or they were saying that to select someone on the basis of a mental disability or a label (to label someone in western culture, means to apply a "restricting label" to them) is bad and will result in them not being treated good. Yes I agree that it's not good to be labelled. Nobody wants their mental disability to be used to invalidate someone's opinion, testimony, needs or autonomy, as if somehow people with a label are less worthy of being treated with the same agency as other people. When they put it like that, I can see where they are coming from, so I suppose that they have been exploited by lots of deviant people, haters, vultures and bullies, who like to prey on the weak and exploit their mental disability. I can see their point and they are making sense, so I could not help but think that people with anxiety are miscommunicating when they are open with their mental disability. I then asked them how they would feel if someone approached them to be their friend SOLELY because they have anxiety behaviours, but they treat the person good and kindly. They ALL then said that they would not see any problem with that and they would be happy about that.

So that clears up that matter. Either they were miscommunicating or I was misunderstanding, or both.

So anyway, why do I (or people like me), be attracted to people with anxiety, and would like a girlfriend who has anxiety? I'll explain I'll break it down, but this is a psychology not a sociology question, so what I say here, I'm can't speak for anyone else about this question, I can only speak for me as this question is addressed to be personally as an individual, not as people in general. I suppose that people with anxiety think that they walk around with a sticky note on their forehead that says "kick me" on it, but it's not that simple. The kick me signal can also be a sign that says "I need social services" but on the flip side be a sign that says "I'm not deviant like those unemotional cold hearted people, I'm a good and kind person" so a person can help them and care for them, so it's not always a bad thing that the signal is there.

Okay then so I'll start.

As I said earlier in this answer, there are 3 types of value that can be exchanged by two parties in a relationship. If someone has anxiety behaviours, then they will seek relationships where they are feeding off someone else, but they won't have one way relationships. They will feed off one the person they are friends with or dating, and the other person will be feeding off them. However they do not need both be getting the same needs off each other. They just need a relationship where they both serve each other's needs. I know what you're thinking. Don't all people in relationships get their needs met, otherwise they wouldn't be in that relationship? That's a good question. Well what makes the behaviour of people with anxiety in relationships (this includes friendships), is that anxiety is associated with a cluster of behaviours that are commonly found with people with anxiety. It is not just the anxious feeling (however you describe that), that makes someone with anxiety an anxiety person.

Anxiety is associated with certain behaviours but I'll list some of them. Dependancy, constant need for instant feedback with an inability to cope with delayed feedback (or gratification), being their worst critic (low self esteem), and trust issues (remember the kick me sticky note they have on their forehead). If you are trying to befriend someone with anxiety, they will be more skeptical of you more than a normal everyday person. If you are friends with someone with anxiety and have been for a long time, they will still be skeptical of you more than a normal everyday person. I'm not saying that their thoughts and feelings are without merit. Maybe their thoughts become actions which becomes thoughts which become actions in a vicious cycle. How would you know?

When you are a ghost in the midst passing through everything around you without being able to exert your influence on another person because you don't know how, people won't allow you, or the culture is degenerate, that is anxiety inducing. So what happens if someone else comes along who is also the same as they are, or has the same base needs (not needs, base needs) that they have? A dependancy relationship is created. Notice how I did not mention reciprocal relationships in my bullet points, as all relationships are reciprocal but in different ways. How else do women get to date a man and woman at the same time and live in the same house?

I could be more specific in this part of my answer here and talk about me and my general disposition or some relationships I've been in, but I think that would subtract from my point that I'm trying to make.

In fact I have an example from my novel of two people having a dependancy relationship, as two people went from never speaking to each other only hearing things about them through the grapevine, to being in a loving and emotionally charged relationship.

Sometimes video conveys what text can't, so here's a youtube video of a vlogger. Why do you think that I'm subscribed to these people?

So I suppose that should answer your question.

Yeah I like watching vloggers on youtube, the vlogging genre. People keep asking me to be a vlogger like the videos up just me talking in front of a camcorder (right now I'm just a blogger seeing as I can talk about politcal views, sociology views, philosophy views and life events. But I'm more of a writer behind the camera as a systems person than an in front of the camera screen person as I'm not really an artsy person I'm more of a systems person. I'm going to be making new podcast episodes this year and I have the guests ready to take part. So watch out for that one, there I will have two different podcast series online.

Which category of people do I fall under? That's a good question you know! I could be one of those or something else, but I'll leave it up to you to decide.
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