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How do you get better at learning what you do not know you do not know?

We all do not know what we do not know. When we learn more, we see what we did not know previously. Alternativley , if we do not know something exists, we are unaware that we should or that it is possible to learn about. What are ways to figure this out faster and at least recognize what we know we do not understand but need to learn.
tynamite's avatar Firstly, you can learn to know what you don't know, by being open minded.

I used to think that open minded meant people who could admit that they're wrong, but that just means ignorant. To be open minded means to accept people who have different opinions than you and think differently than you, rather than to regard that person as different because of what they think. That's not to say that others can't think stupid things, because we all can, but that we should learn not to be dismissive of people who think differently than we do.

I was having a debate about science, and how people test the scientific theories they already knew. I argued that we should test the things we are unsure about, so that we can make sense of the confusing world around us. The other person argued that we should test everything because we can never be sure what is factual in terms of science.

He said that with my logic, we would never believe that there was anything smaller than an atom. I disagreed and said that because nobody knows what an atom looks like, we will test that and find out what it does look like, hence how we discovered radiation, by breaking atoms apart by smashing them together. He said that scientists tested everything and anything, and I disagreed saying that scientists do not test the water cycle. I was arguing with an ignorant person who I know is ignorant. He never admits when he is wrong, and when he does, he backtracks on it days later.

So in short, be open minded towards the people who have viewpoints and ideas that are different than yours not holding them in disapproval, and try to make sense of the confusing world around you.


Maria Shriver, who is a public figure, had someone else's quote to share with others yesterday, to help inspire others. Perhaps more people would be open minded if they did this.

A Quote to Start Your Day: "We need to start listening to other people, even if we don’t agree with them—especially if we don’t agree with them." - Gayle King

When was the last time you did this?
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What's an assertion, and what should I type in?

Compesh is a question and answer (and debate) website, so before you make a debate, you better learn what an assertion is. I suppose you already know what a question is, and that you've typed it in the box. ;)

An assertion, is basically a statement you can make, that is either true or false.

Richer people have better health.

The question for that would be, Do richer people have better health?

And don't forget to make your assertion, match your question.

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