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Why are you against feminism?

Please answer clearly and elaborate with reasoning you can back up with evidence or rationale.
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Short answer

Before I continue, I must state that there are lots of different types of feminism, as anyone and everyone can call themselves a feminist, as the feminist movement is not stewarded (unlike other movements). There is sex positive feminism, sex negative feminism, the man hating feminazi feminism, and the true feminism that really does support equality for women.

The short answer is that I'm against feminism because the end goal of feminism is to absolve women of all responsibility from their actions, while demonising men for everything they do and make them second class citizens. Show me true feminism and I'll support that, but the way feminism is today, I don't support that.

The feminist response to this, is that the feminism I speak of, is not representative of what feminism is and only applies to the stark minority of feminists, who are not really feminists. My response to this, is that man hating feminism with the social issues it promotes, is what gets the most prominence and what gets the most support from the general populous.

Can you give some examples of this?

I'll do so below.


Manspreading, someone spreading their legs out on public transport even though they are fully clothed. It uses the word man in the term, so it's sexist, and even though self declared feminists say that it's not a real issue feminists have, it still resulted in someone being arrested for it. By denying men agency to do an acceptable and appropriate (according to the context of the situation) behaviour, women gain more relative power than men.

Banning glamour models and prostitution

Banning glamour models and prostitution, (eg. Page 3, booth babes, beach body ready advertisements, grid girls) (eg. Women's Equality Party, feminist Swedish government). The feminist arguments is that women should be valued for their brains, not their appearance; and that prostitution is a front for sex trafficking. My argument is that porn, including softcore porn as well as prostitution of which most prostitutes do so willingly without being trafficked, provides men a sexual outlet and reduces the rate of rape.

By denying men agency to do an acceptable and appropriate (according to the context of the situation) behaviour, when any woman no matter her appearance can get laid any time they want and men can't, women gain more relative power than men.

Affirmative action

Affirmative action, is another thing that subjugates men. Under feminist theory, the reason why there are less women than men in STEM, politics, boardrooms and CEOs is because of the environmental reason of a lack of female role models and discouragement they face. They believe in the "glass ceiling" and "confidence gap". This viewpoint denies the fact that nobody is stopping women from working in STEM, politics or CEOs if they please, and denies the fact that truly less women are interested in these roles than men. So under affirmative action, a certain percentage of staff hired, have to be female or be a coloured person, under a legal requirement.

It has even entered academia where coloured people applying for university get their grades boosted due to their race (eg. black people), and when they get accepted into courses that by merit they would not be accepted for, lots of them drop out of the course. It got so bad, that a dark skinned indian person pretended to be black, as it would give him a higher chance of being accepted into enrolling there.

By the government requiring companies to hire based on demographic rather than by merit, the companies become less productive and "positive discrimination" happens in a legal way so men are disadvantaged and not hired by their merits, and women get a free pass purely based on their gender even if there qualifications or work is less than a man's.

Forbidden to compliment or cold approach women

Under feminism due to the pressure group Hollaback, catcalling is now seen as something socially acceptable (the act of complimenting a woman on the street as she passes by). Another thing seen as wrong due to feminist pressure group Hollaback, is cold approaching. If you listen to the feminists, you would think that the majority of the catcallers are shouting at women, following women as they walk, walking behind women to intimidate them, groping women, and other abusive behaviours.

However if you look at the way feminism is changing society, what was a socially acceptable behaviour in the 90s, cold approaching women (or anyone else) in the street in a friendly way and getting their phone numbers, saying good morning to people you don't know, is now deemed off limits. Not only that, you also cannot compliment a woman as that's considered sexual harassment, you can't write a woman a love letter, or even prepositioning a woman is deemed to be bad now.

By denying men agency to do an acceptable and appropriate behaviour, men are demonised and women's relative power increases.

Further Reading

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