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tynamite's answer « Who are the elearning developers?
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As far as web development is concerned, programming an elearning script or website, is nothing special. The skills needed for a web developer to be able to code an elearning script or website, every web developer should know how to do it, because elearning has virtually all its functionality come from CRUD.

Create, Read, Update, Delete. Just like how twitter you can create tweets, read tweets, update your profile (well not tweets), and delete tweets. Programming an elearning script or software is just like using CRUD.

Software for running an entire website (scripts) for elearning already exist. There is Moodle, Blackboard and Mahara. However if you want someone to make a plugin for an elearning script, then you might be looking for a Moodle Developer, Blackboard Developer or Mahara Developer.

To find a freelancer willing to code something to do with elearning, I suggest you use Upwork. Just beware of shoddy developers.

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