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Should Apple buy Hollywood?

This question was inspired by the article in techcrunch, and Apple's 100 billion dollars of spending money:


As a Hollywood screenwriter, I think its an interesting thought experiment. What would happen if Apple (or for that matter Google or Amazon) simply bought Hollywood? Do they even need to?
tynamite's avatar Microsoft is a software company, Apple is a hardware company and Google is an advertising company. So in that sense, the best company out of the three to purchase Hollywood, would be Microsoft.

Apple and Hollywood have a conflict of interest, content wise. So as Apple would want all their movies to be creative quality movies and not fanservice, With that said, Apple would be better off buying the UK Film Council or Film4 Productions.

Apple's business model is to make to capture the cream at the very top, of whatever market they decide to enter. Apple is more like Ferarri than Ford, so the Hollywood business model of 10% of the films, funding the production of 90% of the films that make no profits, would be out of the question.

If Steve Jobs acquired Hollywood, most of the employees would be sacked.

Apple buying Hollywood would only be a good choice, in the days of black and white movies, when actors signed exclusivity contracts with the movie studios, which also owned cinemas and tv stations.

The fact is that Apple is a vertically intregated, consumer centric company, interfacing with its customers and the service chain in every step, except for social media. When Apple is ready to compete with Viacom, Disney, TimeWarner, come back to me. Until then, Apple will continue what it does. Being the richest consumer electronics company, making more money than Microsoft, and being the platform that takes the 30% cut of downloads.
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