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What is the difference between a liberal and a conservative?

In the simplest and clearest language possible.
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Short answer

Liberal used to mean someone who believes in equal rights. (For women, gays and blacks, when they faced institutional oppression.) Now we have "rights equality" the meaning changed. The previous meaning of liberal is now called a "classical liberal" and the current meaning of liberal is an "authoritarian liberal".

It is 2018 and people are still talking about inequality and privilege even though we have equal rights. The focus has moved from "rights inequality" to "agency inequality". Even though men and women, whites and blacks, straights and gays have equal rights under law; some groups or demographics are more free to excercise certain actions than others by having less repercussions for those actions, or by having more decisions they can choose from.

However liberals (not a classical liberal) and conservatives, differ in opinion of how to achieve this equality that we long to seek for.

Conservatives believe in equality of opportunity and liberals believe in equality of outcome.

Can you give some examples of such?

Have a look at the image below.

Here are examples of such policies which society deems as liberal

Gender disparity in jobs and education

Only 12% of politicians are female, females are stark minority in STEM with females making up 24% of STEM graduates (amount in STEM jobs will be lower), despite females making up 50% of the population. How can this problem be solved?

The conservative solution for this is to allow men and women to decide freely what job they want to enter, to protect men and women's agency, so that women have equality of opportunity. The liberal solution for this is to enforce affirmative action required by law, so that a certain percentage of people in STEM, politics, boardrooms and CEOs are female, so that women have equality of outcome.

Coloured and LGBT people (minorities) being under-represented in the media

Anyone who has been following current events, the way society is, or the #OscarsSoWhite would know about the liberals complaining that the Oscars Awards is too white too male to hetero, the Grammys is too white too male too hetero. The same for electronic music, books, djs.

The conserative solution is to hire people for acting roles and whatever roles based on merit rather than demographic, to protect men and women's agency, so we have equality of opportunity. The liberal solution is to hire people based on their demographic as in their gender, race, sexuality, in a form of "positive discrimination". Today the BBC produces job adverts which explicitly say that they are not looking to hire white people. They have cancelled TV shows for being too white.

Women being valued primarily for their appearance

Some women (especially feminists), find it a problem that women are primarily valued for their appearance (or sex) in western society. A woman who said this was a problem, told me "If you are not seen as a person, you are not treated as one". Women also say that their lived female experience cannot be explained to men and that the only way they will understand it, is if they've lived their whole life as a female from birth (or at least 20 years of it).

The conservative solution is to allow women the freedom to dress provocatively if they wish, so they can be glamour models doing Page 3, booth babes, grid girls or in a bikini for "beach body ready" adverts for Protein World - and if a woman doesn't want to do that, that's her choice. This protects women's agency so there is equality of opportunity. The liberal solution is to ban glamour modelling, ban porn, ban prostitution, ban catcalling, ban cold approaches, ban compliments so that equality of outcome happens, which rids women of their freedom to live their life the way they wish.

Gender roles

Some people feel that gender roles like masculinity and feminity are oppressive (or repressive), because they force or pressure people to behave in certain ways that they are not comfortable in doing (or not doing). Feminists always talk about how the patriarchy hurts men too (how ironic), in how gender roles pressures men not to show emotion and not cry. Women are also demonised for singing about enjoying sex (eg. Lady Gaga) or being promiscuous (eg. slut shaming).

The conservative solution is to give people, especially children to be whatever gender identity they want to be, to protect boys and girls agency, so we have equality of opportunity. The liberal solution is to ban gendered pronouns, raise children in a gender neutral environment by forbidding young boys to play with male toys and young girls to play with female toys, #MasculinitySoFragile, and always declare that there are over 70 genders, so we have equality of outcome.

Political spectrum meaning meaning

Roosh V invented the term the red pill and created the first red pill website and he no longer calls himself red pill as it has deviated from what it originally was. The three R's, Roosh, Roissy (now Chateau Heartiste) and Rollo are the pioneers of the red pill, creating the top 3 red pill blogs, and the people on reddit took Roosh's ideas and made a subreddit out of it - then other people made red pill websites based on that.

I will now give 10 conservative beliefs which have nothing to do with women or intergender dynamics, followed by the corresponding liberal belief.

1: Red pill: Race is not social construct. Some races are born with different brains, and some races are naturally more intelligent or violent than others. // Blue pill: Race is a social construct.

2: IQ is the biggest predictor of future success. IQ dictates your school grades, your job, and your income. // IQ is pseudoscience and not a reliable indicator of intelligence.

3: Antifa is a terrorist organisation who attack people in the street for wearing Donald Trump hats. // Antifa are a peaceful organisation who is against bigotry and antifa is not fascist.

4: Hate speech is a euphemism for "this hurts my feelings" and the words "hate speech" "racist" "sexist" "misogynist" are used so much nowadays cliché ad nauseum, that they don't mean anything any more. // Hate speech is real and should be banned.

5: Companies and individuals should not discriminate against people for their political reasons // Youtube/Twitter/Google/Facebook is a private company so it can do what it likes (unless it's a Christian bakery that refuses to bake cakes for homosexuals LOL)

6: There is a link between islam and terrorism // Islam has nothing to do with terrorism

7: Affirmative action is wrong as it discriminates against men and white people, and a dark skinned Indian man had to lie to be black on his application form to get into university // Affirmative action is good as it helps fight racism and sexism and break the glass ceiling.

8: There is no institutional racism in the UK // There IS institutional racism in the UK

9: Most oppression is done on an individual basis that is not endorsed, condoned or permissable by the upper echelons of society or any power structures. // All oppressions are done by institutions and all oppressions (sexism/racism/xenophobia/ageism/classism/ablelism/islamophobia/etc) are connected or "intersectional" into what makes the kyriarchy which is caused by the patriarchy.

10: Schools make people more stupid as they are indoctrination factories designed to teach liberal blue pill cultural marxist beliefs instead of letting children make up their own minds. Also that they teach children NOT to use critical thinking skills // Schools make people more intelligent and teach people about oppression and privilege.

The red pill comes from The Matrix where the main character is offered two pills, red and blue, if they take the red one, they break out of the matrix, become unplugged and learn about the true nature of reality (or society), but if they take the blue pill they carry on living their everyday normal lives as usual, plugged into The Matrix.

It's about having an ALTERNATIVE way of seeing the world that is completely different from the mainstream or what society indoctrinates people to think in the media, schools and government.

I am part of this Facebook group called Anti-SJW with 50,000 members. We ask each other questions, post baits, post memes, post blog articles, post news articles, and sometimes attention seek. They will agree with ALL of my opinions. None of my opinions will be strange, crackpot, crazy, controversial or antithetical to these people. Also Milo Yiannopoulos is in the group and he used it and posted in it.

Now there is a facebook group for red pillers and conservatives to discuss things, have fun and post news. https://www.facebook.com/groups/915624308602395/

The red pill and conservativism is GROWING!!! As Paul Joseph Watson said, "Conservatism is the new counter culture. We are the new punk rock."

What is liberalism associated with?

  • Political correctness
  • Social justice warriors (SJWs)
  • Cultural marxism
  • Multiculturalism
  • Left wing politics
  • Third Wave Feminism
  • Smash the gender binary
  • Special interest groups (groups for people with a shared interest or identity to meet up together) being seen as oppressive
  • Communism (and people who call themselves socialists who are really communists)
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