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What are your priorities in relationships?
tynamite's avatar I don't have "a priority" in relationships, I just do what I feel the relationship needs based on the person, but now you're pushing for an answer, I will now think of 10 priorities I try to ensure in all my relationships with girls.

1. Girls always constantly invent new ways of making her man feel inadequate, even if she says she loves him. I will try to ensure that she does not do this. If she does, I will rise to the challenge and not pussy out or think that she is the problem for being emotional. I'm sure her feelings are valid.

2. I try to keep the spark going so it doesn't die in a couple months of years. I have working methods of doing this.

3. I'm a clingy person so I like to spend all day every day with everyone I know, so I would be all up in her grills. If she's not comfortable with me blowing up her phone all the time or being affectionate to her when she's around, then it's not going to work.

4. I never do the silent treatment. I never withhold emotional labour, as in attention, engagement, affection and kindness. When I think about it, that's actually very cruel because to cut someone off or be standoffish, is the worst thing someone can do to someone, because if you no longer talk to someone or no longer engage with them the nice way you once did, what else is there? You've basically utilised your strongest weapon against a person.

5. I'm not a standoffish person, I'm the opposite, I'm friendly. I'm not a guarded peron, I'm the opposite, I'm open (not secretive, I share information about myself, my life and how I think). Don't get it twisted, there is one thing I am which I do which makes me not hippie like. I am an aloof person. What I mean by aloof, is that I never give the impression that I define my life by one person and make them my entire world. I see it all the time. I see guys interacting with girls, showering them with compliments, flooding them with likes, asking for their schedule, crying to them when they have to go like a toddler who cannot leave the sight of their mother. Everyone I interact with, I give the impression that I can live my life without them if they were to die or leave me, so in that way I'm aloof.

6. Anyone who knows me would know this already, but I'm a spontaneous person. My mood and "repetoire of thought" always fluctuates every day. Also I always have new openers and new conversation topics. I never repeat openers and conversation topics. I like to keep it fresh. So priority number 6 is to always keep it fresh.

7. People think that because I never get offended or triggered (or not as easily as other people anyway), and because I'm a tolerant person, that it makes me meek and prone to acquiescing. However that isn't true. People take kindness as a weakness and people take tolerance as a weakness. You give someone an inch, and they take a yard. So obviously someone like me has to set some sort of threshold for what sort of behaviour from someone I will not allow. Well I don't let someone take me for an idiot. That's it.

8. For some girls, merely interacting with me and me being friendly and kind to them isn't enough to make them happy. They want to do something helpful for me, to help me in some way, have some sort of influence on me in the way I think or act, or help me with something I'm stuck on, help me progress in life or help satisfy some sort of emotional need I have yet have not identified what it is. They don't need to worry, I'll think of something for them to do for me to help my life, my thoughts and my emotions, one or more. I'll think of something. She'll do that, then we can feed off each other xD

9. All the regular stuff I do in conversation when talking to everyone, whatever that is, I do that in relationships too, so there's that.

10. I get sex on demand, because I'm not a beta male who settles for trash girls in the bargain bin. I'm not hung up on her, I've got the pussy pipeline waiting so if she leaves me or is a bitch to me, I can go elsewhere. If you're not having sex, you're not in a relationship, because she's obviously getting it elsewhere and it's a double standard for the man to be expected to fulfill his bargaining chip of emotional labour but the woman refuse to fulfill her bargaining chip of sex and somehow that's socially acceptable.
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