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Why do humans make art?
tynamite's avatar I have ideas of things in my head that I want to create, and if I don't make them, then in a couple of years I'll get new ideas. So if I don't clear the backlog of old ideas that I have, then I'll go a bit crazy. Not really. I was exaggerating.

Really though, I look at the landscape of how things are, have my own idealistic vision of how it should be, so I set out to create the thing that's missing, to show everyone how things should be.

Or maybe because I know I can do something, and have a good idea to match, so why not? It's fun!
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What's an assertion, and what should I type in?

Compesh is a question and answer (and debate) website, so before you make a debate, you better learn what an assertion is. I suppose you already know what a question is, and that you've typed it in the box. ;)

An assertion, is basically a statement you can make, that is either true or false.

Richer people have better health.

The question for that would be, Do richer people have better health?

And don't forget to make your assertion, match your question.

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