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tynamite's answer « Which languages, tools, libraries, 3rd party tools, and frameworks would you recommend to someone building a netflix like streaming website?
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2014 answer

A streaming website is not as complicated as it sounds.

All you need is a way to stream videos, and a way to protect them so that they can't be illegally downloaded from your servers.

YouTube is coded in php, and they use ffmpeg to convert uploaded videos to various file types. You won't need that as you'll be getting the videos from the content providers and not the general public.

You can't use Flash as Adobe has deprecated it on the mobile space thanks to Apple.

Before you open the site up to the public, you'll need to ensure that the videos are protected that you may want to host on a SaaS such as Amazon S3, or Rackspace Cloud Files. If you cannot find out how to do this yourself from Stack Overflow, Longtail Video or anywhere else, you should host your videos at a professional video host such as Bits on the Run Vimeo PRO or Brightcove.

You'll want to disable hotlinking, have files only work when run on a specific domain, and have the file names abstracted by having them run by a dynamic file which uses an expiring access token generated with the user id.

You may find these guides from Apple helpful.

There are various HTML5 players around, and various programming languages and frameworks you can use. Whatever of those you choose, is a merely a personal preference and is not important.

2018 answer

I would use Video.js, Backblaze B2 and Cloudflare
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