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Is it possible to change the fact that a young beautiful woman who contributes nothing to society is "worth" more than her beautiful young male counterpart?

We often talk about the disparity in power between men and women and how the society is biased towards males and so on, but let's take a different approach.

A female who is around her reproductive peak and is just beautiful is "worth" (is the view of society) a great deal more than a man would be in the exact same position.

A beautiful young woman has no problems attracting mates (who can be a source of money and power) and can actually live quite comfortably without being productive AT ALL. As a beautiful young man, if your productivity is zero, you know you're screwed.

How can feminism fix this?
tynamite's avatar Feminism isn't about reducing the sexual leverage that women have over men, or making sure that men have access to the same things women do. After feminism successfully gave women equal rights, Third Wave Feminism has then concentrated on allowing women to totally own their sexuality and prohibit men from utilising their sexuality in ways they find undesirable.

For example, women are happy to walk outside dressed up with make up, but are not happy to be stared at. Women are happy to have sex when they choose, but not happy that prostitution exists. Women are happy to know that their male peers desire them, but not happy when another woman dresses revealingly or is a slag. Women are happy to marry someone for their money, but are not happy when men introduce themselves by stating that they look hot. Women are happy to parade themselves half naked in the media or modelling, but are not happy when advertisements and rappers music videos do the same thing. Women are happy to be treated as equals, but they're not happy to pay for the first date or drinks. Women are happy to get appealing comments on their photos, but are not happy when they get a message soliciting sex. Women are happy to marry someone for their money, but are not happy to have a man solely interested in her looks. Women are happy to flirt with men to get favours, but are not happy for pick up artists to help men get favours off them. Women are happy to prostitute themselves in marriage for money, but are not happy for men to pay for prostitutes themselves. Women are happy to have women modelling on the catwalk selling women's clothes, but are are not happy to have women glamour modelling selling men's magazines.

In short, women want to fully own their sexuality 100%. It's alright for Miley Cyrus to have a soft porn video Wrecking Ball and twerk on stage at the VMAs to Robin Thicke, but the minute Robin Thicke parades with naked women who are models, the video is sexist, because the sexuality exhibited is on a man's terms, and not a woman's. The irony of this is that women still get to have a man's money in the process.

To make things equal between the sexes, men will have to emancipate themselves to realise that Third Wave Feminism is about superiority and oppressing men, and stop being white knights giving women special treatment and agreeing with them just because they are women. This can be evident in video games and online communities where women reveal themselves to be a woman. The men giving these women special treatment, know that if they were to do this in real life, the woman would have other choices to go elsewhere. So they are in fact preying on women, taking advantage that they have no available options at the moment. This is what men do. They prey on women they don't like, just to get a woman they don't like.

Compare this to women. Never will you see a woman chase a man that she doesn't like. But if a man is rejected by the woman he likes, he will try to get the next available woman, or the less attractive woman, or the most easy woman, or the woman of a different race. Whilst women are happy to be single for long periods of time, men are happy to settle if someone they want hasn't come along yet. This is what gives women a great advantage in the dating marketplace. Because men are polygamous trying to get as many women as possible, women are hypergamous choosing the most powerful, rich and attractive of the bunch. If men truly want equality between the sexes, they should stop pursuing women they don't like, and only pursue women they do like. If they did that, it would be the men who are indebted with attention and women who aren't feeling so special.

It's instinct that men are the providers as they are stronger making them better hunters, and as women are weaker, they had to find the man with the most resources. This has been since the Stone Age. As men could not find the woman with the most resources, they instead chose the most youngest and attractive woman, and as they are rich, they chose multiple women. This is instinct that has carried on to the 21st century, and was especially so 100 years ago when women weren't allowed to work.

How this can be fixed, is if women became polygamous like men, or if men stopped thinking about sex so much.

Under a women's mindset, a woman, especially in a modern industrial capitalist society such as ours, views her body as a commodity. She gives it away to get what she wants (eg. money, friends, a boyfriend, marriage). If men can just take whenever, then it loses it's value.

That's why women don't as easily give sex as often as they should do, because it's not in their best interest to. A woman can easily make friends on a dating site without having sex with them, whereas men can't; and she knows that sex is what allows her to attract a boyfriend, whereas men can't. If women were polygamous, it would be harder for them to get what they want, as men would do less to please them.

This explains why significantly less women are homeless when compared to men.

It's men who are giving women the power, for basically nothing in return. What men should do, is treat women like they have no vagina, because they cause too much social divide with one.

As women have equal rights, society is slowly moving to a society where more men are waking up to the privilege of women, so eventually women will be stripped of that privilege, as in the entire history of time, all privilege a person has, has been stripped.
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