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What do you think of the new marketing campaign that proclaims that Barbie is "unapologetic" about the way she looks?

After 50 years of debate over her unattainably perfect figure, Barbie now is unapologetic about her tiny waist and endless legs.[2]

[1] 'Unapologetic' Barbie poses for Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue
[2] Barbie to feature in this year's SI Swimsuit issue
tynamite's avatar Controversy creates cash.

In terms of authenticity, it's no different to what we do today, how they put airbrushed women on the cover of Vogue. It's all make believe, not to be taken seriously. I would be more concerned for women's negative body image if they put Lucy Pinder or Miss World 2013 on the cover than a fake manufactured doll. At least the doll is made of plastic and looks generic.

If you look at the Barbie doll, you'll find that it looks generic, very plain, and not like any particular person. The whole point of Barbie is to look that way. By looking generic and plain, the user of the doll, a young girl, can put herself inside that doll or any imaginary person, as its facial features are not distinguished. It wouldn't make sense to make Kim Kardashian dolls.

Now which do you think will affect young girl's negative body image more?

barbie on sports illustrated

bratz doll
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