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What laws in your country do you disagree with or would change?

Don't forget to mention what country you live in.
tynamite's avatar I'm from the UK and I would

  • Remove the Bedroom Tax
  • Remove the 2 child limit on Child Benefit
  • Abolish the Investigative Powers Act
  • Remove Housing Benefit from the Benefit Cap
  • Ban politics from being taught in school (this includes LGBT lessons)
  • Abolish the law that if someone loses a civil court case where they sue an individual or company, that they have to pay the winning side's legal fees
  • Implement a 20:1 pay ratio
  • Bring back the Fair Rents Act in law again, which was a law that capped rent
  • Ban Zero Hour Contracts
  • Abolish the Friendly Wifi Scheme
  • Abolish parental controls on broadband and mobile internet where a user must opt-out as it's on by default
  • Abolish the sugar tax
  • Make segways legal
  • Remove the age limit of 18 on energy drinks
  • Stop treating Universal Credit for couples as one claim for two people, and instead make it one claim for one person each, and stop paying an income for two people into one bank account
  • Remove the part of the Coercive Control Law from the Serious Crime Act where telling someone what to do, go and wear is illegal, as the person can easily say no
  • Increase unemployment benefit Universal Credit by £40 a week making £309 increase to £479 a month
  • Hate speech laws should be abolished if you're posting onto your own personal blog, personal book, online video channel or social network page. Targeting people on the street or in public with verbal abuse based on protected characteristics should remain illegal as that's harassment.
  • End the ban on junk food adverts
  • Abolish the law that bans gender stereotypes in adverts
  • Abolish the rape by fraud law
  • Cold approaching and catcalling women should not be illegal as long as it's not aggressive
  • Abolish the law that means a union can only make its members perform an action (eg. strike) if 60% or 80% (I can't remember which) all agree on it
  • Abolish "affordable rent" for social housing (80% of market value) and bring it back to what it was previously, "social rent" (50-60% of market value)
  • Mandate that a percentage of all new housing built must be social housing with rents below market value
  • Ban foreigners from buying property unless they have lived in the country for 7 years
  • Free NHS parking for NHS staff
  • Reduce the NHS surcharge for immigrants
  • Remove all green taxes, such as the Low Emissions Zone
  • I wish that copyright expired after 20 years for intellectual property that is no longer broadcast, streamed, sold or licensed
  • Replace the First Past The Post voting system with Proportional Representation
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What's an assertion, and what should I type in?

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