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tynamite's answer « What software do you miss?

In particular software that you can't buy or download again.
Do not include video games, instead list them here.
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Desktop Architect
Adobe Soundbooth
CP Creator (made by Jonny before The Hosting Tool)
Cool Edit Pro
Microsoft Comic Chat
UBUBU Universe
Pro DJ (Image Line / GSP)
EZ Generator
Cutting EDJ
User Logger
Mint and Fever by Shaun Inman
PHP Scripts by Celeron Dude
PHP Banner Exchange by Eschew.net
Jquery and php scripts by Robocreatif such as plum shop and plum form
FL Studio 8
Reason 4
Rob Papen Albino 3
DCAM Synth Squad
Linplug vst's
Konfabulator / Yahoo Widgets
Rokario Bandwidth Monitor
Adobe Creative Suite
Pure Motion/ Media Chance - Edit Studio
The old iMovie
The old Final Cut Pro
Microsoft Encarta
Publish CPA
MSN Messenger / Windows Live Messenger
GPT Reward PHP Script
Camino Web Browser
Mercury Board
Digixmas Directory Submitter
Microsoft Silverlight
Adobe PhotoDeluxe
Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Flash Professional
Adobe Shockwave
Adobe Director
Adobe Creative Suite
Adobe Soundbooth
Adobe Fireworks
Adobe Freehand
The old WordArt on Microsoft Office
Office Web Componenets for Microsoft Office
Clip Organizer for Microsoft Office
Microsoft Script Editor for Microsoft Office
Microsoft PhotoDraw for Microsoft Office
Microsoft Photo Editor for Microsoft Office
The old templates for Microsoft Word
Windows Media Center
Zune Software
NPAPI Support for Firefox
NPAPI Support for Google Chrome
Windows Mail
Windows Live Mail
Outlook Express
NewSPA paper (Software Production Associates)
PaintSPA (Software Production Associates)
Unclassified News Board
Musicmatch Jukebox or Yahoo Jukebox
Songbird Media Player
Ellislab Mojomotor
MSN Health & Fitness (originally made for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8)
MSN News or Microsoft News (orignally made for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. It has different features to the Windows 10 version)
Real Arcade
Real Jukebox
Microsoft Expression Web
Microsoft Expresion Design
Microsoft Expression Encoder Pro
Microsoft Expression Blend
Microsoft Expression Super Preview
Microsoft Expression Sketch Flow
Microsoft Office FrontPage
Creature House Expression
Phase One Media Pro
Sony Acid Sample CD
Picasa Hello
CH Software Mowes Portable
RM Word Magic
RM Colour Magic
Roma World
Greenstreet Draw 4
All software by Greenstreet
All the old versions of EJay software not available on their website
Arturia V Collection (old versions including version 2)
Yahoo! WebPlayer
Yahoo! Axis
Microsoft Visual FoxPro
Microsoft XNA
Mediachance Multimedia Builder
Hymn Project
Google Toolbar
Google Desktop
Google Web Accelerator
Bing Toolbar
Gaia Framework
Mouse Click Application
The Guru Marketer [two]
Google Search Appliance
XPI extensions for Mozilla Firefox
Firebug for Mozilla Firefox with all the Firebug extensions
Youtube for Nintendo 3DS
Google Daydream
Field Trip
Google Clips
Windows Homegroup
Windows Briefcase
KC Easy
Ares Galaxy
The old Napster
The old utorrent before the adverts and junkwar
123 Scripts Power Redirector, Link Checker, Hotlink Reverser
Xenzo Development Studios
Reinvigorate Snoop
PHP Live X
Post Affiliate Pro

Reamsday Software

Reamday Software

  • Access Magic Lite
  • Magic Calendar Lite
  • Magic Form Mail
  • Magic News Lite
  • Magic Downloads
  • Magic News Plus
  • Magic News Pro
  • Magic Calendar Pro
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