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tynamite's answer « What are you willing to do for your relatives?
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You know what they say, you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family. Both my parents are abusive.

My mother is a child abuser who abused all her 6 children which resulted in 2 of her kids getting sectioned and 2 of her kids getting surgery.

She would throw away her kids most treasured possessions and isolate her children from friends and family using threats and lies. She malnorished her son who had a Vitamin D deficency who takes Vitamin D tablets. I can't say what she did to my oldest sister as she doesn't want people to know.

She destroyed 17 years of my intellectual property.

Also I was kicked out of Coventry University in 2012 for not attending my exams. They didn't accept my appeal letter to let me back in. What I found out in September 2018 is that she walked into O2 pretending to be me to gain a replacement sim of my sim which is why my sim card stopped working, then she used that sim to acces my Google account, my passwords, diary and wiretap my laptop. She then catfished me with my own diary, so those people I was talking to online, they were not real people. They were her. The plan worked.

My dad never wanted kids. His mother took 50% of his income from him so he only got with my mum to escape financial abuse. He's physically, verbally and financially abusive. One time he recorded on his phone himself being physically and verbally abusive to me so he could show his girlfriend.

Both my parents search my emails, diary and bins.

My two younger siblings fight me in fights that escalate to them using objects like hammers, sticks and knives. Every time I call the police, they tell them to stop fighting, but no one is ever punished. One time they came in with a tazer. The fights happen because my abusive mother ALLOWS the fighting to happen without punishing anyone. One of them read my diary so I had to phone the police.

My oldest sister refuses to answer my calls.

Out of 5 siblings not including myself, I'm only on speaking terms with 2 of them. The sister that I do talk to can play the saxophone, write novels and draw art, but she gave up creativity to work the typical 9 to 5 job. She wanted to work her way up the corporate ladder. She got her first job at 13 and has a very nice car and can afford nursery.

What a great family!!!!!!!!!

It's all about the Jungle guy to sort everything out.

I did report the abuse that was going on when I was 7 to ChildLine but they didn't take me seriously. The woman on the phone said after complaining that my papers were being thrown away "I don't think this is a serious issue.! The teachers said "I don't have the things I have as a child. What's the big deal? Just do another one." And the policeman just laughed when I told him I was hearing voices as a young child. I reported the abuse as a child and no one took me seriously.

My mother has NEVER given a reason why she did what she did. My two younger siblings have NEVER apologised. My dad NEVER apologised for his abuse.

That Domestic Abuse Bill is going to be put in.

Also about my hard drive, mum broke it when I was 16, my younger brother smashed my hard drive when I was 21, and then he stole my hard drive after I got on BBC Radio 1 in October 2018 and I had to call the police to get my hard drive back.

I was considering whether to publish an answer so personal onto the internet, but when abuse happens to you from your parents and siblings, and you're powerless, there's no recourse and you're helpless, I feel I have to say. As I cannot get justice for what happened to me.

If behaviour like this happened at a school or a workplace, I could easily tell a teacher or the manager, and get justice or the problem solved. But when your own parents are abusing you as a child so you're helpless, or your siblings are fighting you with sticks, knives, and hammers and your parents refuse to punish them for using objects, what can you do? You're helpless and powerless with no recourse.
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