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tynamite's answer « What are your regrets?
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Here are my regrets of 28 years of age.

I regret deleting songs from albums and compilations I illegally downloaded from file lockers. I could not predict that most of the file lockers would shut down. Especially Megaupload. Now I have to buy the CDs back from Discogs.

I regret deleting TS7 Sounds of the Summer 1 and 2.

I regret not downloading songs from The Guardian (my sister’s ex boyfriend) before he deleted his soundcloud account.

I regret not writing in my diary more often when I was a child. Because I was bullied in 2 schools out of 5 and lacked social skills in one, I thought my life was boring. Actually I underestimated how interesting my life actually was. There was a lot of things going on, even if I felt sad and empty.

My brother Jungle made an episode of Trending Live on 4Music that aired on the 17th of November 2018, where everyone was acting like me. I wish I had ripped the episode. If I'd of known that episode was going to air, I would have brought Debut much earlier on, so I could have ripped it.

I regret not appearing on Sky News when I had the chance. Because I had reported terrorism and tax evasion, I was scared about appearing on camera in a location near where I lived.

Not injure my younger brother by accident so he had to get surgery on his wrist. It wasn’t me who started the fight. My two younger brothers always fight me for dumb reasons and threaten me with knives, sticks and hammers and they break my possessions so I don’t speak to them. My mother allowed her kids to fight each other on a regular basis.

Not have selective mutism in primary school

Have better social skills in sixth form. I wish I had the opportunity to read the book I finished at 26 when I was 16.

Download mint 2.19 with peppers and plugins and fever before Shaun Inman stopped selling it

Download the robocreatif code before the robocreatif website shut down

Download Starz Angels music before the website shut down

Pay for Rokario Bandwidth Monitor before the website shut down

Pay for Reason 4, FL Studio 8, Albino 3, Linplug synths, DCAM Synth Squad, Arturia V Collection 2 before it stopped being sold

Pay for Barbara Kruger 5 January to 26 January, Barbara Kruger The Charisma of your gods, The Tale of Mucky Mabel, Max Cooper Emergence Atmos Edition, Pro DJ, Cutting EDJ, all the Skannerz toys, before it went out of stock.

Download all the hip hop street sound packs before the website shut down

Download more stuff from Pure Grime before the website shut down

Be better at budgeting money. I wish I never got in debt or went on spending sprees. I should have paid the rent and utility bills when I lived in Coventry when I retook the first year of university, but in 2011 I started to gradually become mentally ill. I also shouldn't have blown £6000 in 2016 but domestic abuse is a trigger for my mental health. A bad vibe causes a bad mental health for me.

Complete my university course by attending all lessons and handing in all work on time, and going to all exams. I got to my 2nd year of university instead of graduating

Not getting the freelance web development work done for Secret Hotel Collection and the horse racing odds scraper when I had the chance.

I'm not a rude person but it would be nice to have me undo saying everything I've ever said that offended someone

It would of been nice if I could have ripped tv shows and uploaded them online to preserve them for eternity, but my mother who controlled the money when I was younger, she would not have brought me the proper equipment.

The insurance of my laptop expired and once it expires it can’t be renewed. I wish that I had renewed it and updated my contact details for the insurance when I had the chance.

Yes I've been banned from various forums and chat rooms, but I didn't do anything wrong, so though I regret being banned, I don't regret what I said. The moderators are bad, I was banned unfairly. I was following the rules. I just got censored.

I would make sure that my mum didn't destroy 17 years of my intellectual property and throw away her kids possessions.

I would make sure my younger brother wouldn't break my hard drive when I was 20 and steal it at 26 so I have to call police to get it back. I would make sure my mum didn't accidentally break my hard drive when I was 16. Also I'd make sure I didn't leave my laptop and hard drive on the train accidentally. I'd also make sure that I always carried my hard drive in a hard drive case.

I wish I never had psychosis in 2013 in a bad trip and the cognitive deficits what happened before and after it. When I had my second psychotic episode in 2018 I gained my creativity and memory back. That was a good trip.

Also I wish I never lived in the property in Ward End that had a shitty landlord, support worker and housemates that burgle others.

It would be nice if I didn't accidentally lose my laptop and hard drive on a train in my first year of university by leaving it on the train after walking off the train, but luckily I had a backup of my files, and I was more careful in future. I wish I never lost my school bag when I was 11 in Year 6 as it had2 books of my writings I wanted to keep as it had my creations.

I regret not writing birthday cards for my parents, especially my mother when I lived with them as not doing so made them sad and unappreciated, and it made me look inconsiderate.

When I was around 15-18 and my mother wanted me to babysit while she went to work or university. If I tried to punish my younger brother for being violent towards his (and mine) even younger brother, she would punish me for punishing him. If I did nothing, I was punished for not doing anything. He was never punished for any violence he did to the family. Although in hindsight I was not responsible for what happened and my mum was for refusing to punish her son for being violent, it would be good if I could have handled things differently with the ability to predict or know how future events would turn out.

I wish I could have gone to do the free events that the Prince's Trust offered, but I had no idea it existed when I was young. If I had known, and had more encouragement about the services offered, I would have made full usage of all their programs that are applicable to me.

It would be nice if I could have backed up these online accounts before they deleted their account. It would also be good to have these products and these software before they stopped being sold.
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