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How can I discipline my 2 year-old who refuses to listen to me? Her speech is advanced; she is able to tell me what she wants or what’s wrong easily. So, communication is not a problem. I’ve tried time-outs but it doesn’t seem to help.

My daughter is almost 2 and the last couple weeks have been crazy. She's very smart, very advanced with her speech, so communication is no problem. She can tell me what she wants or what's wrong easily, and she understands what she's done wrong if she's misbehaved. The other day I went to give her a treat after lunch and as I was walking toward her she throws the rest of her lunch on the floor. So of course I didn't give her the treat, and explained to her why she wasn't getting her treat. Later on that day she asked if she could have a treat so I told her after dinner if she behaved she could have one. Then I asked her why she didn't get a treat earlier in the day and she said "I didn't get a treat for throwing my food on the floor." So, as I said, her communication and understanding is amazing. Yet no matter what I do she won't listen lately. I tell her not to do something and she does it anyways. I've tried time outs which she hates but it doesn't seem to help. Any tips on dealing with this behaviour?
tynamite's avatar Don't be strict, and let them off sometimes. If a 2 year old is punished nearly every day, it will cause serious problems later on in life, towards yourself or affecting themselves as a person,

Why would you ask this question? What punishments were you thinking of?
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