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What is feminism?
tynamite's avatar Feminism is a movement to eradicate sexism against females. There are many countries where sexism is rife, such as Afghanistan, where a female's opinion not being considered to be worth anything inside schools or even a court of law.

However, recently in Western countries, there are many feminists who use feminism as a reason to be sexist. The way that many feminists work nowadays, is that they always sprout about there being equality amongst the sexes, but as soon as inequality swings their way to their advantage, they take it for all its worth, and then scream sexism the next day. Lots of feminists nowadays either hate men, or want the inequality benefits of being a woman, with the equality benefits of being a man that they wouldn't usually get.
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What's an assertion, and what should I type in?

Compesh is a question and answer (and debate) website, so before you make a debate, you better learn what an assertion is. I suppose you already know what a question is, and that you've typed it in the box. ;)

An assertion, is basically a statement you can make, that is either true or false.

Richer people have better health.

The question for that would be, Do richer people have better health?

And don't forget to make your assertion, match your question.

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