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What are your favorite books of all time and why?

This is not about any particular field like business, technical or anything, just only general (maybe motivational, inspirational, comic etc.) book/books which you would recommend everyone to read at least once in their life
tynamite's avatar This might sound rarsey (slang for shocking/inappropiate audacity), but I would have to say my book Familiarity Breaks. I write realistic stories about real life, and the concept for this book was to show the gradual process of the things that make up your daily life slipping away. I liked the concept because like the 4th dimension, time, we cannot change the fabric of change and moving on, but we can make time a construct to affect how we live our life, and try to evade it.

Second to this, it would be The Wind Singer, as it is expertly written, and it's one of the few fantasy stories that's not corny. It's about escaping the woes of capitalism. I read fantasy stories, and don't write them, and vice versa. I started writing about real life, because there was no books in Waterstones that I fully liked. All the "real life" books were romance/war/abuse, and I didn't like that.

It tells a chronological story over 10 days where no scenes skip, and everything is told in one take. The story is funny, sad, and shocking at times.

In my quest to make the book realistic, the slightly narcicisstic main character is unaffected by the people around him who make up his life, while they all deal with their own problems in their parallel universes as time goes on. The characters are given depth, as they behave differently depending on who is around. Also many things said and done have an implied meaning, so you're not meant to get everything in the book, as the characters aim to fulfill their hopes and dreams. Even the guys talk unclearly because they suck at talking sometimes. And to show that all is not well in the world, a girl who deeply admires him, who either has Aspergers, selective mutism or is extremenly shy, is rejected and made to be the outcast by all.

Things slightly get more emotional as the sands of time slip through his fingers, to show that time and change is inevitable.

There's something that everyone can relate to in the book. There's the Asperger's/shy/selective mutism (make up your own mind) girl, manipulative and abusive relationships, someone who fakes their personality because they're bullied, a slightly narcicisstic womaniser, swearing, neglective parents, crime, an adult-child relationship, stalkers, and loads more.

There's no antagonist in the book, no one is evil or a bad person in the book. Everyone is good. It's just an accuarate and realistic landscape and representation of a fragment of someone's life. There's very little description in the book, yet people have vivid imagery when they read it, as I have made it so that people come up with their own interpretation of what everyone and scenery looks like. Michael Jackson and Mars bars don't exist in the book. It doesn't tell you where it's set, or the time period, and all modern culture references don't exist. You put your own interpretation on it. And everyone who reads it, has different opinions of the characters and different imagery of the book.

The book is 75% speech, and the conversation, and narration is done really well and imaginatively. It's very sophisticated, as future events link to the past.

It took people until the final chapter to figure out the plot after 82,000 words. It's just sophisticated and a good representation of real life.

Now you know why it's my favourite book.
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