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Is a slave still a slave if they do not realize they are one?

For purposes of this question define slavery as narrowly or widely as you like.
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  • You can be a naive to society. It's called being a sheep.
  • If you're in an abusive relationship, you are someone's slave.
  • If you have no autonomy, you are a slave to other people's expectations.
  • If you are in a relationship, you have consentually agreed to be a slave.


3. What is being sheep?
Sheep is the term given to people in society, who are so imprinted by it, that they have lost the ability to think for themselves, and to be ambitious. Here's some examples.

  • People walk past a shop that is boarded up with a council poster on it, saying that they'll give away £20,000 grants for people to start up their own retail business in that residence. People who walk past it ignore it, and when they see it, they think nothing of it. Those same people watch tv, and do the Lottery or phone in competitions.
  • People who believed that the Large Hadron Collider would of sucked the Universe into a black hole when they were creating a mini big bang.
  • People who do things because everyone else is doing it, without thinking about it, and not because of peer pressure. Taking drugs is not an example of this, but people who don't think to walk on the road when the pavement is locked off from construction works is. Instead those people cross the road, walk forwards past the construction on the other side of the road, then cross the road.
  • Stanford Prison Experiment (1971 study) (Where ordinary people fell acustom to their expected roles to abuse prisoners as prison guards just because they were told so ONCE in a speech before their job began. The volunteer prisoners were compliant by authority, never left the experiment, and internalised their subjected imprints as true. The experiment was halted after 3 days.) Update: The Stanford Prison Experiment is a hoax.
  • People who are encapsulated by fashion trends, the latest Apple product, and materialism.

One thing that people have to understand about life, is that in society, we naturally comply with authority without questioning it. Society (or the government) wants us to conform and behave a certain way, and we don't question it. We're not clued up on the system we live in, but we like to believe that we are. We delude ourselves. Did you know that you have just as much rights as a policeman? You can arrest them, just as much as they can arrest you. They have no extra rights granted to them, but when they ask to search without a warrant or for someone's name on a stop-search, people comply and follow orders anyway, as they are transfixed by the uniforms. This is because people naturally comply with authority. The sooner you realise this, the sooner you will realise that people are sheep.

This not only manifests in people's behaviour, but also how they think. People like to believe that they are their own person, but when it comes to the system, you will find that they really are not. Delusional yes.

There is an ancient saying that had its roots in the British Empire, that still carries its way into Britain (and other countries like America) in the 21st century today.
"If people are too busy worrying about the small things, they'll be too busy to worry about the big things."

This is what allowed the British Empire to reign for hundreds of years, and it
is the same concept, that Presidents/politicians are using to distract people from the real economic issues at hand.

They know that we have a problem with the current economic situation in your country, so rather than deal with the real issues at hand, the politician will address fruitless issues such as bankers' bonuses/healthcare/drug classifications/food/war. This makes it look like he cares and that he's helping, when he really isn't helping one bit. Yet everyone will be happy with him and think that he does, because he's taking the [faux] protagonist's stance, "supporting" for their cause.

This is a really clever tactic, and I see it being used time and time again in the news, fooling the general public every single time.

Due to the public outcry of X, there are now new laws in place right now, that restrict the X that bankers/polticians/public service workers can get. Basically the public have got what they want, but the politician will milk this issue for all its worth. By the way, someone got a large bonus last year, so congratulations to the public!
Thank the woman who posted a comment on Yahoo! Shine for this one.
I suppose you don't know how abuse works. Abusers build your life so
that you are utterly dependent on them and even though they do terrible
things, you literally can't think about what life would be like if you
left--or even if you'd have a life if you left.

  • If you have no autonomy, you are a slave to other people's expectations.

I don't think that one requires an explantion. Let's just say that when you're depressed, typically the biggest decision you can make is what food to eat.

If you're scrutinised for the little bad you do, with the good you do going unnoticed, while feeling unloved/unappreciated and lost in the world with a bleak prospect, what's the point? Your life will be forever be about living other people's life, and you'll be a prisoner of your own life.

Why is it morally wrong to cheat in a relationship?

Because a relationship with someone is an act of ownership. The more you think about it, the more it works. Think about it.
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