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2012 Summer Olympics in London: Why are Britons so unfriendly?

London Olympics 2012
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Why are Londoners so unfriendly?

A big faux pas for London, is to stop and ask someone for directions. Everyone in London lives a busy life with time-critical stuff to do, so if you bother them for directions, they will be annoyed and answer you, or ignore you or say they don't know. Asking to show them card tricks, is not ideal.

Make sure you come prepared with maps on your smartphone and to arrive early for places so you're not late. Just look at the hurried way they walk. When they bump into you or brush past you, they won't say sorry (unless they're a tourist). This is because of the frantically hectic and busy life they lead. Time is money.

On the flip side, because everyone is trying to capitalise on the day, they are friendly if you are in appropriate social areas, and will be likely to invite you places, if you go to bubbly places such as the Rag Market.
If you approach Londoners when either they're not travelling, when their appointments don't matter, or if they're sitting down, all your problems will be solved!

They are friendly, they just cannot be when they're busy. You just didn't know that they were. London is warped like that.

Or you could just leave London and go somewhere else in Britain.
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