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Should kids be sheltered from sexual content in movies?

What is wrong with letting them watch shows with sexual content? Should we give as much attention to sexual behavior when rating shows as we do violence? Why or why not?
tynamite's avatar When I was in school, it was the boys whose parents never taught them how sex or pregnancy worked, who watched porn the most. The ones who were clued in by their parents at an early age, hardly ever watched porn. Kids watch porn out of curiosity, but as all porn is the same, it gets boring quite quick.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with kids watching sexual content, violence, drugs or swearing because it's not harmful most of the time. (Obviously if your child hasn't matured and gets sad watching Bambi, Up, or The Lion King, then they won't be ready for horror movies.) I watched lots of adult stuff as a child, sexual and violent, and look how I've turned out! I'm fine!

The trick is to teach your kids about sex BEFORE they watch sexual content on a film.

The more elusive and taboo you make it, the more attractive it is, like cookie jars high up on top of the fridge. If you try to evade the issue of sex to your kids, they will find a way to watch it without your knowledge when you're not around. So you might as well let them watch it while you are around. I know grown women whose parents never taught them anything about sex so they thought they were dying when they had their first period. She grew up to be a slut as women can do, and her brother is either a 40 year old virgin or an incestuous rapist, for being sex deprived.

In the 21st century, sex shouldn't be a taboo. The more taboo you make sex, the more sex oppressed and deviant your kids will get. I was taught about sex when I was 6, and I watched the shock video Two Girls And One Cup with my mother when I was 15. And look how I've turned out!

My parents were very hands off in the upbringing of their kids. They let each of us kids develop unique personalities, viewpoints and interests, and there's no one thing that we all have in common.

Movies have age ratings for the same reason albums with swears have a parental guidance sticker. Because of scaremongering parents. There is no evidence that age ratings reduce the amount of criminals. Violent video games don't cause violence, and sexual content doesn't cause rape (it actually reduces it). The same logic that makes sexual content an 18 but violent content (which is more harmful and scary) be a 12 or a PG13, is the same logic that makes marijuana illegal, same sex marriage illegal and drug laws increase to show being tough on crime. Some people have archaic views, sadly.

If you want to show your kids sexual content, not porn, the best show I'll recommend is Series 1 and 2 of Skins, the British version. It's about teenagers aged 16-18 in sixth form (college in a school, not university) and they are of the age of consent. The show covers anorexia and drugs too, things that teenagers face. Once done, you can then advance it to Diary of a Call Girl.
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