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Do people consider Jessica Valenti to be a shining example of feminism or a radical feminist, misandrist or not even close to doing enough to be a feminist?

Jessica Valenti is a feminist blogger/journalist who has contributed many articles in The Guardian, a left-of-center news source based in the UK. However she is American and her views are more or less US-centric.

I have not included any article samples here as it is too easy to use sampling bias to further my perspective. However here is a link to her articles should you be unfamiliar with her work/opinions.
Jessica Valenti
tynamite's avatar So let me get this straight. A feminist writes an article about how the government should provide women with free tampons, she gets hateful messages in response, then she posts a picture of herself on Twitter saying "I bathe in male tears", calling everyone who slated her a misogynist.

What the fuck does having free tampons have to do with equality???? All it's about is giving women special privileges so women move up and men move down. In Britain, people who work pay for their prescriptions, and she's suggesting that every working woman pays for her prescriptions EXCEPT for tampons that only women have. How is that fair and about equality? As Chateau says, "The goal of feminism is to remove all constraints on female sexuality while maximally restricting male sexuality." Under feminism, it's okay for women to sleep around just like men, but it's not okay for men to ask female strangers for coffee. Topless women in magazines aimed at adult men: unacceptable. Nude public protests in front of everyone including children: perfectly acceptable. Miley Cyrus making a soft porn music video called Wrecking ball, acceptable. Robin Thicke blowing smoke into women's faces and putting them on leashes parading with half naked models, unaccepable. Female sexuality is praised and male sexuality is punished.

First it will be free tampons, then free period pads, then free contraceptive pills (which they have suggested), and no feminist would ever suggest men get free condoms.

Herself as a Third Wave Feminist, she is teaching women to be victims. Her response to Women Against Feminism, is that women are oppressed victims and that women should not be ashamed to call themselves oppressed or victims if that's what women refuse to be known as. If women thought they were of equal level or more privileged than men, would they ever be feminists? I take it she believes in the patriarchy, and that as women are victims, the natural enemy is men, and that men are the causes for her problems. Patriarchy theory teaches young women that men are the villians who are oppressing women making them victims. Patriarchy is a wonderful theory which enables feminists to push blame for anything and everything on to men, even poor, homeless and disabled men can be classed as privileged compared to rich upper-class women.

american girls be like stop oppressing me

American Girls Be Like Stop Oppressing Me. Two women walk past a man working in the sewers, and an arrow points to him saying patriarchy.

oppressed vs privileged

I define rape culture as a culture that tells men that rape is acceptable, a culture that teaches men to rape and that women are to be blamed if they're raped. This does not happen in Western society, so by definition, rape culture does not exist.

The goal is obvious, it exists to demonise men, and create the impression that all men are potential rapists, while obscuring the fact that the overwhelming majority of men do not rape, and would never consider it. It is trying to shift the blame from the rapists to all men, for use as a political tool. Feminists say "Teach men not to rape". Imagine what would happen if white people kept proclaiming "Teach blacks not to steal"
She believes in rape culture along with many Third Wave Feminists.

jessica valenti invisible rape


There is invisible rape all over. Yes, that really is the title of Jessica’s new piece in the Guardian. Forget stare rape, switch rape or word rape – it’s now invisible rape.
Let me show you, point by point, just how dogmatic and utterly devoid of reason or thought Jessica Valenti really is.
Would you take a woman seriously who believes in invisible rape? .................... I wouldn't either

women against feminism comments
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