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Are guys also jealous of other guys (not their friends) when they are scoring with girls or is it just a feature of girls to be jealous of other admired girls?

What I am talking about is "some other guy/man" or "some other girl/woman" to whom you don't have any emotional bondings as you surely have for friends.
tynamite's avatar I've been an alpha male with a hareem of girls fighting over me all with butterflies in their stomachs, and I can assure you that women are much more jealous of alpha males than the beta males who can't get laid. I'll explain.

When a sexy talkative extroverted white girl asked me for my number on the third day of sixth form as the whole class of girls was staring at us the whole conversation without our knowledge because we had chemistry, the very next day, my black classmates got jealous, asking me "Why did you get that white girl's number first instead of mine?", even though she didn't want my number in the first place. You should have seen the faces of the two white girls, their faces were wiped clean like a slate. Another black girl, then said "go and hug your white friend" trying to make me feel guilty, making me feel uncomfortable to do so. She hugged me anyway to alleviate the tension that was on my face. They would look out the window each day before class to see who I was walking in with. I walked into the building with a new female friend each day, in a sexually charged environment where relationships blossom, and each time I walked in the building with a white girl, I would be asked who I was talking to. I believe that you can tell a lot about someone and how magnificent they are, by the quality and status of people that they are friends with, and I was only friends with pretty feminine gallies who were 9-10s, most of which were sexually attracted to me.

You might think this was only limited to black girls being jealous of white girls or black boys preferring white girls over their own race, but no, it wasn't. On my first day of sixth form, some black girl offered to walk me to my house on the first day she met me (how sweet), and the next day, the same group was asking me why I let her walk me to my house (girls gossip everything don't they?) (I actually refused as I didn't like her vibe). So let me get this straight, a black girl is jealous that a black girl offered to walk me (a black guy) to my house. Someone who gets guys approaching her on the street for her number all the time who sometimes accepts, is jealous of a male who doesn't have a constant stream of suitors on the street, just because I'm of high value and she's not? She could have more sex in 1 day with the guys she's deemed attractive enough to get her number, than the amount of women I could have sex with in 80 years who deem me attractive enough to have their number, and still, she's jealous. Would you be jealous of Brad Pitt as a male, if you had women approaching you on the street daily? What would be the need? You can only imagine the flak I got when I walked in the building with a blonde who was taller than me and looked like a Page 3 glamour model who had big perky breasts and nice legs, in other words, the hottest girl around. It turned into some bullshit argument that only a girl could invent (lol), where I had to pathetically defend myself by saying I can't help this while listing all the girls who were all up in my grills (wanted my attention and being all up in your personal space), 15-20 girls. One of their female friends who wasn't too fussed, put their hand out for me to high five them saying "gimmie five" compassionately being happy for me to be on the same sexual parity as them, then the rest followed one by one, and some smiley guy put his hand up who I've never seen before, and because I high fived him before some other girl, she got upset saying "I had my hand up first!" (women acting emotional again). I didn't apologise but I did high five her next. Me and this guy became friends due to that one high five and some pretty girl who was white (oops) who overheard the conversation decided to speak some kind words to me being friendly, happy for me and defending me, and she'd wave at me each time she saw me. The irony is that some girl's bullshit argument gave me two new friends, one being a pretty white girl who I could talk to around her friends.

I was now officially acquainted with all the top girls when the Page 3 looking blonde told me that I was popular, so if she says I am popular then I must be popular as she's the hottest girl around. This was the time when my hareem would gawk at how cute I am with their girly incessant high pitched squeaky manner each time I appeared in their faces. But wait, it gets worse, the jealousy got more extreme than that!

I was in the common room with the same group of girls that started that bullshit argument who always look out the window each day to see which girl I'm speaking to, and one day they asked me for my permission for them to look through my phone. You heard that correctly. They want my permission to go through my phone. Their act is completely deplorable and disgusting, and these people aren't even my friends. We're only "friends" because my real friends are in different classes. I'm not a man of secrets, so I agreed and gave them my phone. They were looking at it collectively for 2-3 minutes. That should be enough time to scroll through all the contacts and photos, and see what type of messages I get. "That's enough now" I said. Still they continued. "That's enough now" and they didn't listen, so when I reach to grab my phone, they're passing it to each other so I cannot single one out, then the shit-stirrer puts it down her bra telling me "You can't touch it now!!!!!!!!" then she took it out so I chased her down the corridor running. Knowing that I cannot compete with bras, they went through each one of my messages, and said "What's this" just because I had a text message from a girl telling me how much she misses me and how much she wants to see me again. This wasn't a short message. I straight up refused to tell them who it is point blank. She accused me of having two mobile phones, saying that I delete messages from this phone after I receive them (the text message sender wasn't stored in my contacts). I told her that my phone is new so that's why it's not full up with texts.

This one time in class I was sat next to a girl who liked me but couldn't date me because she's muslim and I'm not her race. She asked me if I would attend her wedding and if I want kids one time. Well in class, my phone kept on popping off with texts, and guess what she did? She asked me if she could go through my phone. You see, only women ask to do that reprehensible act!! I agreed like any alpha male would, as I knew she wouldn't change the contents of it or forward herself any content/numbers from it. She never asked me who any of the girls were. In my defense, whenever I tried to chat to her, she was always distant and standoffish like she was protecting her heart from falling deeper in love, so I wasn't trying to make her jealous.

I know what you're thinking. "Boys go through other guys phones too!" No they bloody don't! They might get their phones out to their male friends and brag about how many girls numbers they have or give them a slideshow of all the sexy pictures they have in their phone, but they don't go through other guys messages and be wanting to know who certain girls are ransacking the whole thing.

It was clearly obvious to anyone with emotional intelligence, that there was a part of these girls attitudes that did not want me to be successful with women. I'll get to this part later on.

If you align yourself with red pill idealogy like I do, then you will know that women are whoring themselves to the top 10% of males. Women aren't just wearing make up to attract more flies with honey, but women are also in competition in each other (though they'll never admit this). Women are competing with each other to get the man that every woman wants, as all women want the same man (the 10%). Also, women are hypergamous, meaning they are attracted by status, meaning that they are always wanting to date up. When women see an alpha male, they get more jealous than a beta male who can't get laid, because they don't just wish they could have sex with someone they find attractive or wish they were the person they were jealous of, they're also in direct competition with each other, so it's triple jealousy. Women also know that despite women having higher standards for looks compared for men, personality also matters much more for women, than it does men. So considering that the white girl who asked me for my number was racist, telling me that I shouldn't listen to white people music whilst at the same time giving me a handwritten note that she loves me, it demonstrated that men can use their emotional intelligence to be more successful with women, and that women can't, so it's quadruple jealousy in a way.

Each time something happens that balances out the power dynamic in the sexual market between men and women, feminists who hate male desire and masculinity (yes they do), come out the woodworks to crush it. When ladies nights in nightclubs allowed more men to get laid than ever before, feminists got it banned for being "sexist". When a smartphone app called Good2Go launched that is like Tinder except that you explicitly swipe "i want to have sex with you" instead of "i'm sexually attracted to you" like on Tinder, feminist blogs slammed it for "undermining consent". Whenever a pick up artist writes a book to teach men how to get laid, feminists slam it as "misogynistic" and that PUA is pointless. Feminists like the idea 0f having sexual power over men, and they don't want it to ever change to be more equal, because the more sexual power men have, the less chance women have of excercising their hypergamy. I'll explain.

I had this one pretty asian girl (in Britain, we call anyone who is not white or black asian, such as Indians, Hindus and Pakistanis, so we don't just apply it to chinese/japanese/korean/sporean), who was light skin to the extent that she looked white except for her unique ethnic facial features and jet black and long hair who was taller than me, and she approached me, spoke to me briefly, took me to one side away from the other girls and asked me to wait at the bus stop with her so we could catch the same bus and talk. While we were on the bus, she asked me what network was on, so after we both answered that, I got her number, the shy girl. She only approached me because I was standing outside with the hareem of girls that liked me, and she was also around so she decided to join in. I imagine she would have said yes had I prepositioned her before she did within the 15-30 second window. Let me flip this round. Imagine if I, a week ago before she did, had approached her, and asked her to talk to me or get on a bus with me? What do you think would of happened? She would have said no. She was only interested in me because I was pre-selected by other women, so her hypergamy decibel meter went off the charts. I have enough emotional intelligence to know when a girl wants to speak to me because I'm pre-selected in the sexual market, or because I'm associated with someone else they're friends with, or because they saw me do or say something interesting so they wonder who that fellow is. The light skin girl who asked to hug me and the fair skin asian girl who asked me to sit on the bus with her, both approached me while I was with my hareem taking me to one side so I speak to them one on one, but I could instinctively tell that the former was due to me getting props (popularity) and the latter was due to me being pre-selected. I can tell the difference. Just remember to talk to your friends who you haven't spoken to recently, so you can find out what their deal is.

Women, especially feminists, do not want it to be possible for many men to get laid, as the more men get laid, the less chance women have in excercising their hypergamy. If men can easily get laid, women cannot discriminate against a wedding ring, fame, popularity, career, money, pre-selection, or any other subtle signals for hypergamy women use. If I was gay, I would be able to have sex whenever I want, I would find love due to my unique personality, maybe I wouldn't find commitment because sex is so freely available for gays, but one thing I would NOT be able to do if I was gay, would be excersising hypergamy. If I was gay, I wouldn't be able to have a record producer/drummer/singer make a song about me like he did to a fat and ugly person who's in her 50s, or be that same woman I know be dating men half her age who have fancy expensive cars. The feminine imperative calls for complete control over the sexual marketplace, of which only women decide the winners and losers, for women must remain the choosers, because that's the only way women can strive to share the top 10% of males. (I think that polyandry is wrong because women would rather share the same man than go for someone who is single.)

This one time I was walking down the street with my hareem of girls and I made it for a very specific reason that we walked in sync in formation like a Roman Army rather than a group of people casually chatting huddled up, so we were strutting our stuff in public display each exhibiting our own unique walk, and my cousin's male friend who firms (fist bumps) me when I see him but I've never spoken to in my life saw me from across the road, and he was genuinely happy and didn't have any bitter feelings towards himself. He smiled at me and gave me a thumbs up, so I knew right then that a female would never react in that way. The tall girl who'd always wave at me when she saw me after the bullshit argument, had to familiarise herself with me before she would wave at me, to add to my list of sycophants as I made many female friends from association (from being associated with someone), and the guy who just thumbs up me, I've never spoken to him before in my life. A woman would never react the way my cousin's friend did. That action, and the two girls wanting to go through my phone was enough to convince me that women are more jealous of alpha males who can get sex, than beta males who can't.

Men have a pack mentality and women have a herd mentality. Men have a loyalty to the pack and for women, it's whichever way the wind blows. Men see me successful (with women or whatever aspect of life) and see me as one of them, a man, let's congratulate him because if he can succeed then we can too plus he's helping the male cause, but for women it's always a contest, let's try to be the top of the pack, maybe shift the goalposts and compete against each other. Loyalty, duty and honour are purely masculine concepts, never aspect a woman to adhere to them. Amanda Fristrom's answer to Why do some women prefer to have male friends instead of female ones? Is it because women can be more judgmental, harsh, or fake to their friends? || The female boss: Workers of BOTH sexes prefer a woman to be in charge There are some advantages to the herd mentality though. I added a girl to Facebook who had no mutual friends and we spoke for 8 hours that day and went on Skype, then we did some screen sharing and she showed me what her Facebook account looked like showing me how she commented on her friend's photo and hurt his feelings. She made up with him a couple of days later, and she would tell me about her boyfriend and later on how the guy she offended, fell in love with her and how much he wants her to Skype him, and she even pasted to me her chat logs with him. Another time a girl danced to music for me and my friends and another time a girl from Quora sent me some Canadian sweets in the post we don't have them Britain and another time a girl from California shipped me some HBO DVDs she'd already watched and another time some girl would get me to watch her playing with her dogs for hours and she told me she was hospitalised for anorexia. Men and women naturally have different communication styles that arise biologically/genetically, so don't listen to feminists and cultural marxists who say that gender is a social construct, because it is impossible to eradicate masculinity and feminity. You can create an andrygynous society like in Denmark where women refusing to wear heels who act like men and get offended when you compliment them on their looks, but you can never make women less emotional to the same level of men, or make men less aggressive to the same level as women, it just cannot be done.

If you was to speak to alpha males who have a flock of women fighting over them, you would know that women are more jealous of men's success with women, than men are. Sexless males want a woman, any woman they deem attractive. Women want to be one who makes heads turn, the one who gets the most requests to go to prom.

So overall, women are more jealous than men of men's successes with women, even though it's typically men who most likely cannot get laid.
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