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Do intelligent people tend to be unhappy? If so, why?
tynamite's avatar Yes.

The people with the highest IQs are the saddest people in life. People with lower IQs tend to be more socialable and happier. Of course you can find people who break this trend, such as women who get paid the same as men, but that doesn't mean that thre trend doesn't exist.

Ignorance is bliss

If you are intelligent, you will be aware of things that are wrong of the world, and will spend some time of the week thinking about such things. People who don't think about the economy, human rights, or politics tend to be happier people as they are engrossed in the moment of life, not wrapped up in the things that would get them down.

Whilst an intelligent person is talking about something, a person who isn't, is having a laugh enjoying their life. I cannot make a study on this, but you are free to use Twitter to follow people of different IQs, and compare the things that they tweet about.

More social skills

People who are less intelligent, tend to have more social skills. I do not know why this is. I believe this is because they see things more logically than others, so they do not think emotionally enough when the situation requires them to.

Intelligent people, when people are upset, tend to think X happened because of Y, and that's why Z is upset. They do not understand that others can be upset for more than one reason, or that sometimes who is right and wrong in argument isn't important in such situations. Because more intelligent people think more logically, they are less likely to pick up social cues from others, so they won't know so much, about how to behave in social situations. When intelligent people are rationalising the world around them with logic, it leaves them less opportunities to use others reactions and behaviour, to learn social skills for themselves.


Seeing the beauty of the world
My family are under the mistaken belief that I was a negative person all my life. That's not true. I was a young child I was very positive, and now I'm an adult I'm becoming more positive than I was when I was 9, the time when my positivity instantly flipped to negativity on a sad day. As a child I was the most positive I could be. I believed that all was right with the world, and that others worshipped the ground I walked on, that the world revolved around me.

What she means by that, is that I'm not as positive about life as other people. The problem isn't that I should be happy about my life, because I shouldn't be. She wouldn't be either. The problem is that I don't see the world in the same way others do. Some people say that I'm the most negative person they've ever met in their life. I call that a harsh statement to make. I'm not the embodiment of darkness. I don't take energy from the world. I'm a fun person people like.

I notice that other people don't react in the same way as me, when bad things happen to them. Unlike other people, I'm a strong person so lots of things don't affect me, like it would with them. However I am unlike them, because I let bad things drain away my positivity. I don't have the ability that they do, to be able to have something upset or disappoint me, and be able to instantly bounce back from that, feeling unscathed. The way I talk about my bad experiences is different, because I let things affect me, as in get me down and make their mark.

Every time I meet someone new, they tell me that I am clever within the first 3 hours of me speaking to them. And no, I don't talk about topical stuff. There is something about the way that I see the world, that makes people call me clever. It's not just about what I know, it's both.

I always wonder about what it's like to not be clever, because others see me as different for being clever. I do not feel different, so I wish I could not be clever for a month, and know what it's like.

In my attempt to become a more positive person, I follow young adults my age, and teenagers on Twitter. I do this to learn about whatever it is that I'm not doing, that they do, that enables them to be so positive and optimistic about life. My analysis here, is based on that. Now onto my next point.

I notice that these positive people who are obviously less intelligent than me, find the beauty in the world. Here's some things in my Timeline right now.

Person 1 It's stupidly cold outside today ! No matter how thick this hoodie may be its not keeping me warm ! Hurry the eff up train! Pleeeeeeease-uh!
Person 2 Omg winter is so here
^^ These person are my age. ^^

Person 1 my niece is already one month old, it flew by :(
Person 2 i love how there's always that one song that brings back memories, even those ones you thought you'd forgotten.

I sadly do not see the world in this way.
It seems like other people see the world in a micro scale, whereas I see it on a macro scale. They see the world as a cat, and I see the world as an eagle. (I don't think about the future or past by the way.)

I am good at knowing what's going on in the world and analysing information to get useful information out of it (like I do with my Quora answers about life). They are good at different things like having emotional intelligence for social skills, and something else I don't know what it is.

Maybe they wish they were clever, but I wish I could see the beauty in the world. I feel that I am too clever to see the beauty in the world. To me, that is sad, but I'm never sad about it because it's all know I know. Being clever is a gift and a curse.

My IQ is 120, 20 higher than the average. I feel sorry for people in Mensa with 160. I'm making a great and valuable contribution to the world, and don't need to be any more clever to do that.

I wish I knew what it was like to not be clever. I wish I knew what it was like to see the world in a more micro scale like people who are not clever do. If I saw the world in the way that they did, I would be able to see the beauty in the world.

PS. I am a self aware person. I can tell you the reason for everything I've done, and why I do it. Read my answer for How do you know that you are self-aware? If I had counselling, I would be doing all the explaining for the counsellor, so they wouldn't have to figure anything out.

PPS. I wish I knew why other people can't answer questions about life and human behavior in the same standard that I have. Are they not self aware or good at analysing situations?
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