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Do people who are really negative realize they are like that?

We all seem to know of at least one "negative" person, but do those people know of themselves?

Do they realize what they are like and the impact they have on those around them? Not sure who will answer this question... Any self-confessing negatives out there?
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Objective answer

No they won't realise that they are negative.
If they notice a familiar pattern in themselves being right, they may see their way of thinking as realistic.
If they do not notice that they think more realistically, which is likely, they won't think anything of their pessimistic nature at all.
User-12109272521484523386 is absolutely correct! Read his answer.

Now we're moving onto the new bit.
Let's keep in mind that the vast majority of people are positive people.

It is only when the negative person realises, that other people react much differently than they do, when they go through minor annoyances and unfortunate things; that they will truly start to realise that they are negative.
As people hardly express how they feel publicly, and hardly state their annoyances and hardships; it is unlikely that the person will ever realise that they are negative, unless a positive person tells them this.

In any of the two ways a negative person would find out, it would take years.
To find out what it is about positive people's reactions that could install such a view for a negative person, that they are negaitve, read my answer for Is it true that "less intelligent" people are happier than smart people? Why or why not?

Personal answer

  • Yes I am negative and I realise that I am negative. Only my family know that I am negative, because of the way that I talk about things. Most people are positive, which makes me the most negative person my family know.
  • I do know of myself. I am very self aware. I can tell you the reason for everything I do and why I do it. I am also aware of what sadness I repress.
  • Yes I do realise what I am like. I blog about my life and how I feel on it. I have wrote a poem to express how I feel about spending time in my own head/loneliness/negativity/lack of good experiences called Apathy vs Admiration and you can find it here. http://www.writerscafe.org/writi... <-- If you read the poem I wrote, you will understand my negativity and where it comes from. (I do not hide details about my life when asked, as I realise that the more skeletons you have, the more sad you become.) My other answers speak for themselves such as What does it feel like to be clever? What does it feel like to be stupid? What does depression feel like? What does it feel like to have no friends? What does it feel like to be attractive and desired by many? Apart from head-time, how are people who spend a lot of time in their own head typically different than other people? What does it feel like to spend a lot of time in your own head? How do you know that you are self-aware? Is it true that "less intelligent" people are happier than smart people? Why or why not? What qualities do you need to have to be loved? speak for themselves about how self aware I am. I am very self aware.
  • My negativity does not have an impact on others around me. People say I am a clever, funny and immature person, who most of all is happy. I am very good at making friends through association. The mere act of me talking to someone in a social situation makes others around them want to be my friend. I do not understand why this is. The last time I went out I was in the pub and I was chatting to a girl making her laugh. The girl on my left who was in a different conversation asked me for a hug because she liked the personality qualities of what I was exhibiting. Don't ask me why this happens. I do not know. People also talk behind my back to talk about how great I am. I don't know why this happens either. My self esteem is low, and I won't answer why in this answer. This answer is long enough.
  • One time my mother was going through photographs of long ago and I burst out crying. She asked me why I was, and I told her "My life will never be happy again". I do not like watching old family videos as it makes me sad and because I still haven't dealt with the fact that I can't be happy again in my current life. I repress the things that make me sad so they don't affect me. I have certain behaviours that I do that I project my sadness to, which makes me not sad. When I found out I was retaking the whole year of uni, I talked to myself more often for 2 months. I thought I had successfully stopped myself from doing that. Because I'm introverted, and spend alot of time in my own head, I am very successful at coping with the things that make me sad.
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