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tynamite's answer « How is skin color determined in babies? Can white and black parents give birth to a white child?

Can white and black parents give birth to a white child?
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It's all about chromosomes.

When an ovum (egg) is fertilised, it takes in XX chromosomes from the male, and XY chromosomes from the female. There is one for each possible trait, such as eye colour, hair colour, skin colour etc. The male and female will bring both their DNA, so the ovum will have two different possible traits. One trait over the other one will be chosen.

Brown eyes are a dominant gene, and blonde eyes are not. This means that children are more likely to have brown eyes, if their parents have different eye colours, one being brown.

Dominant genes do not always win, and sometimes a throwback can happen.
I know a girl with blonde hair, her mother has red hair, and her dad has brown eyes. What happened is that her hair is a throwback from previous generations of her bloodline. Somewhere in her family history, a parent was born with blonde hair.

It is possible for a white and black parents to give birth to a white child.
In fact, two black parents gave birth to a white child, with that sort of hair and everything. You can look it up. The probrability is very low, but it is possible.
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