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Is it true that women are better off in the dating marketplace because they have their pick of men?

I have often heard from men that women are so lucky because they have sex on tap.
tynamite's avatar Yes and no, most likely yes, unless you're talking about finding people you like.
You could argue that women have it worse, as it's hard for them to trust men.

Men are more likely to get turned down, but they like more women.
Women are less likely to get turned down, but they like less men.
With differences like these, we are bound to have skewed opinions on things, which are misaligned, when confronted about with the opposite sex.

Yes women can have sex on demand, but this doesn't mean anything at all. Sex is not like watching a movie in the cinema with a friend. It's something women do if they think highly of a person. Sex is something that isn't a solitary activity like watching a movie is, so it doesn't mean anything if it's done with anyone. Women have to make the decision of who to sleep with, and then think about it afterwards. It's a different world. Sex doesn't become an gaming achievement (as it does with men), it becomes comparable to the activity planting seeds in a garden. The garden is finite and personal, and it's like inviting someone over to your house and asking them to paint it their colour. That's the best way I can put it. People (men) want the things they can't have (sex), which is also why teenagers are fascinated with alcohol, but stop drinking wanting to drink it when they become 18. When men know they can have sex at any time, they start seeking it too, and don't have it as often as ones that can't would like to. Now let's stop talking about sex. You're mixing up sex and love into the one question.

With that said, women are not better off than men in the dating marketplace when it comes to finding a partner. It is very common for them to be turned down, and be played around by the men that they like. It is a familiar sight to see a man be all cozy and send a loving text, and then be seen with another woman the next week, and him give her a smug and dismissive look. She was a stepping stone. Also that men are a lot more shallow than women are, makes it worse for them.

Women are the ones who put themselves on display, and men are the ones who do the chasing. The negative effects of the man's role in the dating marketplace, is evident for all to see by merely looking. However, the negative effects of the woman's role in the marketplace are 10x worse.

These effects are trust issues, that men are not aware of and will most likely never see. To answer what those are, deserves its own question in itself. If someone makes one, ask me to answer it.

Women do not have it easier in the dating marketplace. With that, I end this question with my saying.

Men and women are just like each other, except that they're accustomed to different circumstances, while walking with different Whatever cloud, could be a vase; it could also be a beer glass.
What my saying means, is that physical and mental differences aside, video games and shopping; that when men don't understand women, they would behave in the same way that those women do, given that they were in the same circumstances. Sure women will act more sensitive or men will act more idiotic about it, but the general response given would be the same. As foreign creatures as women are to men, they are a lot more the same to men than men think; you just have to understand them to understand that.


Reasons for yes

Yes women do have it easier when it comes to dating. For starters, they can put themselves on display. When we say "they can have sex on tap" like in the question, that's what we really mean. That they can put themselves on display. They are so lucky that they can do this. Not many men have the benefit of being stared at on road.

Because of this, their unwarranted attention, they can then approach men without hoping for a saviour. This already puts them on a pivotal step. In a social situation, women know that they can approach virtually anyone in the room without retribution. This makes the playing field unequal, and puts men in the deep end.

We don't have to deal with perverts getting on our wick all the time, but we also don't have the privilege of being able to apporach someone, without their being a shady subtext behind it. When we talk to women that we like, or ones that they think we might like; we feel a glimmer of unspoken doubt and untrustfulness, that is starkly different to the one we get from our friends, colleagues and everyone else for that matter.

I don't think you understand how life changing and significant it is, to be able to approach people without retribution. Too many times I've seen women from afar who I like, who I couldn't get the chance to approach. These things happen, and she will never know how I feel or even how I exist. This happens a lot and is commonplace. That is just one example of an advantage it gives you.

Another advantage it gives you, is that you lot can flock the same man without being called a pervert. You just get called obsessed to say the worst. Like let's say the prettiest girl in the room like the blonde, or some bubbly person that we all like. When we all holla at her and get to know what she's on, what she's under; she then becomes full of herself and if she's a bitch she'll be up her own backside.

I'll try to explain this to you. Let's say a man who 6 women have a crush on are walking down the road together, and the man knows they have a crush on him, unless the man is socially adequate, he typically has no chance has sleeping or going out with any of them. It will be so that the women are only talking to him, because he wants them to. There will be no real relationship of any kind there, not even a proper friendship, as their friendship isn't based on anything substantial. I'll put this in a way you can understand. If you had 6 women trailing you for a year, and you was a man, in the click of their fingers, they could forget about you and leave, or you could be friend zoned with no chance. There is a for him trust issue about the credibility (truthfulness) of the friendship, and how secure it is.

If this situation was flipped round to be a hot woman who had 6 men trailing her, let's say she's blonde for the sake of example; she may have trust issues, but at least if she likes one of them, she can be unfront about it. As she knows that the 6 people won't ever click their fingers and leave, and she has no doubts that any of them don't like her, the situation for dating is much more easier on her.

Finally, it is easier for women socially, because a shy woman can approach a man, even in an icebreaker event at some work/society/networking place, ask a few initial questions, and then expect the man to be able to do all the talking afterwards. If you watch situations where people don't know each other, women get away with asking men simple initiator questions, and then keeping quiet for the rest of the conversation. Men by social pressures cannot do this, and it wouldn't look good if they did. Some women are shy, but not so much at approaching people, as they know that they can do so securely and without saying much. When men are shy, they have to intentionally think about their body language when talking to women in social situations, to be able to move the conversation forward.

And there's my answer, written by me. Trust me to answer a question like this.

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