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What pick up artist (PUA) tactics work for lesbians?

I mean for lesbians to pick up other lesbians.
tynamite's avatar The same tactics that work on hetrosexual women, work also for lesbians.

feminist told me to fuck off

It's just that the chaser and the chasee would have to be established, as women do not usually have to fulfill the role of the chasee; thus that the chaser would have to come out of their comfort zone. In that case, lesbians might ask their male friends how they manage to approach women, or become more confident at holding longevity.

What I find is that women are more confident when it comes to approaching people, but fail at holding conversation. For men it's the other way round. Men are less confident at approaching people, but are successful at holding conversation. Straight women are more confident at approaching people, as the role of approaching the opposite sex lies with the man, so their confidence comes from the fact that they have nothing to fear in doing so. Straight women are in a position where they don't have to approach anyone, and the fact that they don't, meaning they have nothing to fear on the few times they do so. They do so not because they're more confident, but because they have nothing to fear. So who actually is more confident - really? (By that concept, a confident man would have to put themselves, in an uncomfortable situation unlike a woman, with men being more confident if they do so less times than a woman does but for enough times.)

With lesbians, all this goes out the window, and they find themselves in an uncomfortable and strange situation, where they are expected to take the man's role of being the chaser making the effort, as for obvious reasons, merely putting themselves on display won't suffice.

It's only when you're successful at getting rapport off the gender you're successfully attracted to - be it lesbians, or a man seeking a woman - do you realise that people want to talk to you, as much as you want to talk to them. It's just that you'll have to clarify your intentions and exert your syncrasies in a trusting and likable way, in the little time that you have got. This is a hard lesson for people to get, for people with little social skills. Such a lesson is a hard concept to get. It took me a long time to learn that, but I was grateful that I had become experienced enough to learn it. Learning that should be your end goal, not scoring with women.

For starters a person with social skills to suffice as being the chaser, will be able to pick out the best people in the room to approach, and how to clarify their intentions in a reputable way. They would also have to do other things, which women mean when they say they like confidence, such as a person who exerts their personality traits, moves a conversation forward, and can show understanding.

Most of the women I have met cannot do any of the things I've underlined. But then again, they don't need to, as they're straight women.

When people meet each other for the first time, they tend to hide their bad traits and only show their good points. Most of them do not exert their syncrasies. I can never be assertive, but I can be funny and outlandish, so when I'm in a bar chatting to a girl I've never spoke to before when we're both drank enough to be talkative, I can be both of those things. All a straight girl would have to do in this situation is ask for someone's name or flirtatiously smile at them.

Another thing straight women do in these situations, which lesbian's can't; is forever ask the other person a load of continous questions about them, or say very little expecting the other person to do all the talking. Lesbians will have to move the topic of conversation along, keep it going, all while exerting themselves and developing an understanding about the other person as well as embrace their presense.

I don't think this has helped you, as there is no such thing as a definitive pick up women trick. There's no magic thing you can say to women to make them hail your praises and fall week at your feet. If you're looking for some magic lesbian trick, you won't find it. Lesbians aren't too different from women, you know. There is no trick, and players can attest to this.

Getting women, lesbian or not, is more about being yourself than any trick you can do. Any tactic that you can do that works, is more about maximising yourself than it is about putting on a façade.

You can hide yourself but not your intentions. The intention of what you do for an audience is very important, and it will spill out with whatever you do. If you're a magician who does tricks to show the audience how magnificent and spectacular you are, this will come across to your audience. The same concept applies to how you'll come across when approaching women. Let's not forget that women are good at picking up on the body language that people don't even know they're exhibiting.

I can't help you be someone you're not, or have girls you're not interested in as a stepping stone. Lesbians are people too. I hope my answer has explained to you how similar lesbians are to hetrosexual women.

I've got a friend who has a white, black, and asian girl, and I was flocked by girls myself. We can't help you. If there was a secret code, I would have 3 girls wanting me to propose to them at once. Sorry to say this, but whatever trick you use on straight women, use it on lesbians. That's all the advice I can give. Women aren't like men. Their emotions aren't like light switches. Either scared or peaceful, excited or anxious. Sometimes they can be both or unsure, and sometimes irrational. I can't give you advice on people who I find hard to predict [although people say I can], and I can't give you advice to help you manipulate girls, as leading girls on is something I'm strongly against and will never do. I even got a girl online to fall in love with me by accident, and I still can't help you. It was more chance of us crossing paths, than it was trickery. Girls are like slot machines. No matter how good you are at playing, you can never truly know what response you'll get.

Also what works in a lesbian's favour, is that women are less shallow than men are, so that's one less more shallow man in the equation. I used to think that was not the case, until I noticed that I kept focusing on them being approached and turning people down, so I didn't bother to notice the lesser attractive men they chose, in comparision to the very attractive women that men of their calibre like to choose.

This question can never be answered in the way you want it to be answered, because it can't. We're sitting hundreds of miles away from you, so we can never know how lesbians are going to react around you, in the same way that you would. This is much of a deadbeat question.
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