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People inspired by Tynamite design « Tynamite's blog

People have been inspired by the way Tynamite designs websites, using tynamite design conventions in their own websites. Examples are here.
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Me Tynamite, I have my own way of designing websites, even though I don't have a design background or artsy talent. Below are examples of websites which took inspiration from Tynamite design.

If you notice any other websites or apps using Tynamite design, let me know!

ask fm inspired by tynamite design

mailchimp inspired by tynamite design 1

mailchimp inspired by tynamite design 2

lyf header

lyf website home page

lyf app home page

channel 4 header

4music using tynamite design 1

4music using tynamite design 2

4music using tynamite design 3

upwork header

people per hour header

olly murs / simon cowell / syco header

apple header

donald trump header

theresa may header

theresa may with accenture image

If you notice any other websites, apps, products or music videos using Tynamite design, let me know!
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